[TV] Sheryl Crow as an undercover cop in “Cop Rock”

Cop Rock, TV Series (1990)

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  1. What a bunch of bad hair, bad singing, bad clothes, and too many shoulder pads. And what’s with that girl and the awful short hair cut. Oink hahahahaha

  2. Which one is Sheryl Crow?

  3. TheMisterDarling

    This is the greatest thing I have ever seen.

  4. Still better than Glee

  5. Wow cracked is wasting alot of my time again today XD

  6. Still astronomicaly better than the Bieber

  7. I love the ending like the male cops “Jeez this happens every time a new case is opened with this girls.”

  8. Like Glee….but somehow better.

  9. brilliant ….. light years ahead of glee

  10. Wow she looks hotter now than she did 23 yrs ago !

  11. This is amazing!!! Way better than glee

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