Kenny Loggins & Sheryl Crow – “I Would Do Anything” (1991)

This is the first duet song recorded by Sheryl Crow. It’s a tender love ballad written and composed in 1991 for the Kenny Loggins’ album “Leap of Faith” (Columbia). Ten years before the massive hit “Picture”.

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  1. Patrick Gillen

    Interesting! I usually prefer songs with a stronger ‘hook’ but the music is really nice and I love Sheryl’s smooth voice on this.

  2. MrAliquippawill1

    Whenever you hear something as exquisite as this for the very first time, you’re almost helpless to avoid the “chills” that great music can induce on the human spirit. Kenny Loggins has always been a fantastic vocalist, with a voice that meshes with similarly talented artists quite easily. He & Sheryl Crow truly did a great job with this. I haven’t heard from either artist in some time…….this tune was definitely worth the wait.

  3. This entire CD is so beautiful and gentle and lovely.

  4. I forgot that Sheryl was the vocalist on this!

    • I told you twenty-years ago that Sheryl Crow was Kenny Loggins’s duet when I remember bought Kenny Loggins’s album title “Leap of Faith” in 1991’s cassette.

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