The Unreleased Album (1992) – Full Album

01. All Kinds of People
02. Father Son
03. What Does It Matter
04. Indian Summer
05. I Will Walk With You
06. Love You Blind
07. Near Me
08. When Love Is Over
09. You Want It All
10. Hundreds of Tears
11. The Last Time
12. Borrowed Time

For further info about this album, please visit:

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  1. Thanks for posting! Excellent!

  2. A piece for my collection..

  3. how can I get this album??

  4. This sounds like sappy Amy Grant pop! I love Sheryl, but I’m so glad she changed her style. lol This is great.

    • This album sounded too much 1980s for a 1992 release, although some songs were actually nice. Furthermore, Sheryl at the time was looking for another kind of “sound”, less glossy, more raw and rootsy, different from that conceived by the producer Hugh Padgham.

  5. Un bellissimo disco mai realizzato .( Peccato. Il suono e la voce sono genuini, di quel sound che non si sentono più…

    • bello che una mia conterranea apprezzi Sheryl Crow.. anche io la adoro!! E questo CD mi piaciucchia abbastanza tuttavia si sente che non è particolarmente “suo”


  7. I actually like it. Sounds good. Although I Iove the stlye we’ve all come to know and love her for much better.

  8. This was what her record label and producers wanted her to release, but Sheryl refused and thus we were greeted with the amazing Tuesday Night Music Club album!!!

  9. I think she could sing a phone book and it sounds great…. Love the bass sounds like 70s to me

  10. Interesting… two of these songs, “All Kinds of People” and “Hundreds of Tears” were later recorded by a Christian music artist my mom used to listen to named Susan Ashton. I remembered them instantly from groaning at her to turn the lame Christian rock off, haha.

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