Sheryl Crow ft. Todd Wolfe – “Run Baby, Run” bluesy (Live, 1993-11-20)

(switch to “480p” for best quality)

“Run Baby, Run”
The Fillmore @ Irving Plaza
New York City, New York, USA
20 November 1993
Supporting BoDeans

 – Band –
Sheryl Crow
Todd Wolfe
R. Scott Bryan
Wally Ingram
i don’t remember the bassist’s name, sorry!

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  1. Henry Di Muzio

    She’s terrific. Flawless.

  2. Oh man, she’s freaking awesome!

  3. Thank you for this,this is a treasure!

  4. ah, i remember this all too well 🙂 The very early days … Thanks for posting!

    Todd Wolfe

  5. californiafatty

    Thank you so much for posting this video. I first heard this song on Letterman performed with his band. Sheryl was terrific in that performance. She is something special. I especially love this song. I hope and pray she perseveres through her illness. The soul continues to bloom beyond the body.

    • Thanks for the comment. Well, in my opinion, the live versions of “Run Baby Run” are better than the studio one 🙂 I feel they have more character and soul.

      Also check out the live video of RBR with Eric Clapton! That version is sweet too! watch?v=KzTMN-S1tbs

  6. Awesome. We were at this show. Thanks for posting!

  7. michael lemieux

    crow crow crow whatagirl !!!

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