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Sheryl Crow – “Run Baby Run” acoustic piano (Italy, 12 Feb 1994)

“Run Baby Run” + Interview
Roxy Bar italian TV show with Red Ronnie
12 February 1994
Bologna, Italy

My notes: This is one of her earliest tv appearances in Europe as solo artist. Tuesday Night Music Club was released just six months before and she wasn’t that famous at the time. Contrary to popular belief, TNMC was not an instant hit. This record (produced and recorded by Bill Bottrell in Pasadena, CA) was released in August 1993, but debuted on the Billboard 200 only in March 1994 (at #173), peaking at #3 one year later. For two years, and with a small budget, Sheryl and her tour band did a lot of concerts and promotional work to push the album in every corner of the world, from Hicksville to Tokyo; from the biggest TV networks, to the smallest radio stations. Eventually TNMC became a mainstream success, earning multi-platinum certifications and three Grammy Awards.

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