Sheryl Crow – Unplugged Concert in Brooklyn, NY (Full – 10 songs – 45 min)

Brooklyn Academy of Music
Brooklyn, New York, USA
February 1995

1) Can’t Cry Anymore
2) Leaving Las Vegas
3) Strong Enough
4) Love Is A Good Thing
5) Run, Baby, Run
6) All I Wanna Do (talking blues)
7) ‘m Gonna Be A Wheel Someday
8) The Na-Na Song
9) I Shall Believe
10) D’Yer Mak’er

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  1. I loved: ”m Gonna Be A Wheel Someday”
    “The Na-Na Song”

  2. Excellent! Great quality & wonderful to have it all in one place.

  3. Classic and amazing unplugged, love sheryl c.

  4. Great concert!! what a great artist Sheryl Crow!! thanks for the upload!!

  5. She drives me high!!!!

  6. Sheryl Crow is brilliantly unplugged!!!

  7. I agree. Sheryl Crow is not only brilliant “,and being unplugged brings out her creativity as she sings her way through with some classics. Way to go Sheryl, and especially to the rest of the band who seemed to enjoy the ride!!

  8. Oh, that voice…

  9. This is great, Jennifer Condor is killing it on Bass, Go girl.

  10. Why does @9:50 (when Sheryl takes her coat off), the whistle from the audience, and her response to it, remind me so much of Jewel taking her coat of during her performance on her dvd ‘Jewel: Live at Humphrey by the Bay’? The things women in music have to deal with. Tsk tsk tsk…

  11. probably the most attractive woman ever.

  12. неужели в раше забыли шерил??…все коменты на инглиш…шерил тебя помнят))!!!!!!

  13. sheryl crow forever ! i hope soon the new record 2012 !

  14. Kenneth Maugée

    oooh oh yeah

  15. The instrument arrangement and casual setting is unique. More than intimite it shows a level of accomplishment and confidence.

  16. my kind of women

  17. Sara Heidingsfelder


  18. Sara Heidingsfelder

    This makes me so happy!!!

  19. i was disapointed , sorry to say

  20. Brilliant,thanks!

  21. I think I just filled the cup!

  22. Love Sheryl Crow!! Come to Europe please!!

  23. I would say more like awesome!

  24. I cant liiiiiiisten, anymore!

  25. Great Sheryl, some I had not heard, “I’m going to be a wheel some day” Great piece of work. Poet at her best. They need to start teaching your lyrics as people are so dumb now days that I had a former friend who thought your song “Good is Good” was about thunder and lightening and the horror of it was that she was a 4.0 grad student at Duke in Master of Liberal Arts. Wonder why mom and dad sent their children to place in which even their grad students do not understand a prophet and poet.

  26. I love this chick

  27. SeagullSpirit36

    Miss the 90’s so much sometimes it hurts.

  28. early in a MD mooring this SunneVevo video rocks even before SHERYL starts her unplugged singing @ swaying FO off B u lost it LOL D R

  29. Khutgaa Temuujin

    boring shit

  30. Oscar Giovanni Reyes Estrada

    Me gusta el sonido de tu voz, sin verte.

  31. Very nice on the squeeze box

  32. giancarlo pes

    Sheryl , do you want married with me ? I love u!!! i m strong enough!!!

  33. I write while I listen so I’ll send you a copy of what i Wrote Thanks, Art.

  34. elle était bien en brune

  35. Patric Brisbois

    she’s definitely got the blues

  36. Marvin Miguelena

    I like her MUSIC, Sherl Crow is wonderful

  37. good when you’re “High”..i guess…

  38. Woah this site is astounding i adore reading you. Continue the truly amazing work! You recognize, plenty of person’s tend to be hunting round in this details, you could possibly help these drastically.

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