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[Bootleg] “I Feel Happy” (Live, 1995, NYC)

Beacon Theater, New York City, March 1995

[Live Review] Philadelphia, PA – 19 March 1995

Tower Theater
Philadelphia, PA, USA
19 March 1995

By Faith Quintavell
Philadelphia Enquirer

Triple Grammy winner Sheryl Crow took the stage of the Tower Theater Sunday night in front of a sold-out crowd, and she was played out. “Aren’t you tired of that album?” she asked midway through the show, referring to her multi- platinum Tuesday Night Music Club.

No. But she apparently is.

Crow and her band have toured without a break since her debut’s release in August 1993. They were scheduled for some downtime when the album unexpectedly zoomed up the charts, and more shows were booked.

On Sunday, the singer had shadows under her eyes, her hair was dull and her eyes were slightly glazed – and she still managed to deliver a superb show that brought the house to its feet. Crow’s vocal technique is her saving grace: She has a full, throaty timbre and projects every crystal-clear lyric with authority.

Her band is also outstanding. The four-piece outfit preserved the spontaneity of the album, infusing funky bass, cascading electric guitar, swirling Wurlitzer and other ’70s-style textures not apparent on the flatly produced CD.

In fact, the band was so tight and restive, it nearly masked Crow’s inability to muster emotion. Even as she sang her biggest hit, “All I Wanna Do,” a song about having fun, it was clear she wasn’t having any.

Crow came alive on her newly penned tunes, though. On the acoustic “Coffee Shop” and rocking “Hard to Make a Stand,” she showed she is still excited by her music, though she hasn’t changed its sound. An additional performance of “All I Wanna Do” done Beat poet-style, with Crow reciting the lyrics over trippy guitar and an African drum, was also a highlight.

[Bootleg] Hard to Make a Stand” (early version) Live 1995

Beacon Theater, March 17, 1995

“Coffee Shop” (Live, 1995)

Beacon Theater, March 17, 1995

[Bootleg] Sheryl Crow and her dad Wendell – “We Do What We Can” (1995)

We Do What We Can
Ryman Auditorium
Nashville, Tennessee (USA)
March 13rd, 1995
Audience Recoding – with Wendell Crow on trumpet

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