[Bootleg] Sheryl Crow and her dad Wendell – “We Do What We Can” (1995)

We Do What We Can
Ryman Auditorium
Nashville, Tennessee (USA)
March 13rd, 1995
Audience Recoding – with Wendell Crow on trumpet

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  1. Oh my! I was dying to hear this song live, I’ve always thought she never played it in concerts because her father played the trumpet on it so it must be a very personal song to play for her. But this sounds really really awesome!

  2. Prob my favorite song..

  3. there aren’t enough songs like this… beautiful

  4. MrJuancarlosferrero

    althought hardly ever listen to Sheryl crow, she is without question musically the most capable female artist that i have seen of the last 20 year on the big stage.

  5. This is the best song I’ve heard Sheryl perform. I don’t care for many slow songs, but this song I care for very much. In fact this is my favorite slow song.

  6. I must know though who is Leo? I’ve looked but I still don’t know…

    • Dr. Leo Benson, a Kennett, Missouri physician who died in 1976. He was the best friend of Sheryl’s dad, Wendell. Leo was a world class trombone player. He played in a big band style group with Wendell and several other Kennett musicians. Wendell and Leo spent many hours playing music and sharing some beers. The Crow home was 2 story – the kids would hear this music while in bed. This song was about her hard working lawyer dad – he played trumpet on the album cut.

      • Wow thank you so much! I’m going to do some more research because I would love to hear them play. I’d love to learn to play this song. Your the best!

  7. Are we allowed to curse on youtube??? Fuck it, this performance is fucking amazing!!!

  8. This is Sheryl best ever song!! Its jazz n blues RB feel. I never understood why she didn’t release this as a single it would have blew up!!!

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