Eric Clapton & Sheryl Crow – “Tearing Us Apart” (Live, 1996-9-12)

“Tearing Us Apart”
Giorgio Armani Gala
69th Regiment Armory (aka Lexington Armory)
New York City, New York, USA
12 September 1996

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  1. toujours aussi bien ces deux là!!!!!!!!

  2. Cool footage

  3. insane!

  4. She has a nice voice, i never noticed it until this. Clapton of course is fucking fantastic as usual

    • yea, i heard somewhere she toured as a backup singer with Michel Jackson and did some backup work with Don Henley before she hit it big.

  5. God at work 😉

    Simply W O N D E R F U L !!

  7. my eyes start watering @ 2:40…rediculous

  8. I just came upon the realization that I like Clapton’s voice more than his guitar playing. He’s got a really awesome voice!

  9. Un’ accoppiata fantastica !!!!!

  10. Sheryl is one of the most versatile and underrated singers ever. I really think she adds a lot to this.

  11. Eric Clapton è un mito e lo sarà per sempre.
    Questo è un video eccezionale…una coppia

  12. RantosaurusRex

    Sheryl’s a good singer, but she’s a pretty awkward dancer…

  13. boogiebabe67

    Cheryl and Eric were having an affair during this time. Not long-lived. Anyway, she has a set of pipes, doesn’t she? Clapton? A legend for eternity.

  14. sheryl is hot.

  15. she’s great! i love that jerky, ‘lockin’ dance, and her voice is killa!

  16. Not the world’s greatest dancer, but holy sh!t, Batman, that woman has a set of pipes! Clapton ranks up there with the 10 greatest guitarists in rock history (also happen to believe Jimmy Page, Jimmy Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen, and Mark Knopfler fill that list).

  17. This is one hot cut! Everybody is workin’ out! Cheryl, hot bass and Clapton, all magnificent.

  18. Fantastic!!!

  19. man they have fun….

  20. I read they were having an affair……he is hot & always has been!!

  21. guildensternisalive


  22. Cheryl can really belt it out!

  23. Incredible!!

  24. kerry mcmanus

    Brilliant,Nathan east awesome bass,Eric & Cheryl so good together.

  25. Wow! He sounded and looked so great then. No wonder Sheryl had a fling with him.

  26. Incredible chemistry!

  27. Stephen Michael

    Crow is the only lady that can hang with Eric, I think she is his favorite mistake

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