Sheryl Crow – “Love is a Good Thing” (Live, 1996)

“Love is a Good Thing”
SNL 1996
New York City, NY, USA
5 October 1996

– TV Edit –

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  1. Awesome upload! 😀

  2. She plays a mean Tele too.

  3. Archieloverful

    She is a very beautiful singer thanks for the upload.

  4. Saturday Night Live!

  5. difficultkindsc

    I remember this performance vividly… what awesome lyrics, strong vocals and great supporting band. Wish this song was part of her regular rotation. Thanks for posting.

  6. Thanks for posting this! You wouldn’t happen to have her performing “If It Makes You Happy” on this show or on Letterman by any chance, would you?

  7. Sheryl Crow rocks!!!! Her appearance on SNL came out a few weeks after her second album came out. 🙂

  8. Short haired Todd Wolfe on guitar. His hair is a tad bit longer now but he still sets off smoke detectors everywhere he plays…

  9. This is an awesome performance. But all I can think of while watching it is how damn fuckable Sheryl is.

  10. I remember watching this, it’s been one of my favorite songs since….and yes, she is very fuckable

  11. Please reupload! Can’t find this anywhere

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