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Sheryl Crow – 1997 Press Photo (Orpheum Theater in Boston)

Photographer unknown!

Sheryl with Scout @ Lilith Fair 1997

1997 Lilith Fair
unknown date 

Another Roadside Attraction Festival

Playing “If It Makes You Happy”
Another Roadside Attraction Festival
Highgate, Vermont, USA
Saturday, 26 July 1997
(AP Photo/The Press Republican, Scott Hite)

Sheryl Crow – Session at West 54th (1997) – FULL CONCERT

25 July 1997
Sony Music Studios
New York City, NY (USA)

1) Everyday Is A Winding Road (with Harmonica)
2) Interview
3) Home (Wurlitzer)
4) Sweet Rosalyn
5) Interview
6) I Shall Believe
7) Hallelujah

The summer blooms and fades away

[Live Review] Saskatoon, Saskatchwan (CAN) – 21 July 1997

July 21, 1997
Saskatchwan Place
Saskatoon, Saskatchwan

Review by Jennifer

I was one of the 17,000 people who were lucky enough to see Sheryl Crow live at Saskatchewan Place (Saskatoon, SK). She was the headliner of the outdoor concert “Another Roadside Attraction.” When Sheryl Crow entered center stage, the crowd reacted with loud cheers and waving arms. Sheryl Crow sang her biggest hits from both of her albums. Throughout the concert she played different instruments: her acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, harmonica, and on “Can’t Cry Anymore”, her tambourine. Between songs Sheryl would talk to the crowd. Before one song she teased the male fans by asking them if they wanted her to remove her shirt. Later on she made some comment about Americans being more subtle than us Canadians. She made a slight mistake when performing the song “Leaving Las Vegas” but immediately corrected herself and started over. The crowds were so busy screaming and jumping around that they probably didn’t even notice the mistake. But all in all Sheryl Crow put on a great concert and I definitely thought she was good enough to brave the mosh pits for! Between her great attitude, and talent, she is well on her way to more number on hits! And I have faith that her new album will achieve that!

Sheryl Crow – “Maybe Angels” (Spain, 1997)

“Maybe Angels”
Doctor Music Festival
Escalarre, Spain
13 July 1997

[Live Review] Tilburg, The Netherlands – 8 July 1997

July 8, 1997
Tilburg, The Netherlands

Review by Jessica

Is there a better way to end a summers day than to go to a concert performed by Sheryl Crow? I think not. In a sold-out venue, a thousand people awaited the show. A rather unpatient audience, forced to listen to the terrible support act, done by a dutch “singer/songwriter” Kirsten, was happy to see her leave so they could see the instruments soon to be played by real musicians. Jeff Trott, Todd Wolfe on guitar, Jim Bogius on drums, Roy Scott Bryan playing almost everything well, Tim Smith on bass guitar accompanied by the raspy, soulful, powerful voice of Sheryl Crow. Sheryl Crow, who is known for being sarcastic and having an alternative sense of humor thanks to her lyrics and and comments made in interviews, didn’t talk much to her crowd this time round. However, the odd comment on people believing in UFOs and Elvis Presley kept the crowd going. A 90 minute set, 17 songs performed professionally with attitude and enthusiasm shows how far the band has come since the release of Sheryl’s second album and the start of their world tour. They all know what they can do, how to do it, and, more importantly, how to do it together as a team. That Sheryl Crow enjoys playing live is obvious, that she enjoyed a good beer showed too. Maybe that was the reason she slipped up slightly while singing “Leaving Las Vegas” or maybe it was the drooling boys standing in front of her. As an encore she also did two covers: “Pale Blue Eyes” and “Money (That’s What I Want).” Sheryl Crow likes getting attention, she likes music and she likes showing everybody how many instruments she can play. Although she did not share the appreciation of the audience with the band that much, it was for everyone to see that they are friends and partners. Sheryl Crow is a performer in blood and soul. With two solo albums to her name and the fact that she’s worked with many reputable artists shows that Sheryl Crow has come a long way musically and that she has the capability to go even further. Let’s hope so!!

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