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Sheryl Crow by Butch Belair

[Live Review] Seattle, Washington (USA) – 30 August 1997

 August 30, 1997
Bumbershoot Festival
Seattle, Washington

Review by Anonymous

Sheryl Crow is my favorite singer and I was so excited to see her in concert. I was in the front row waiting impatiently through Wilco’s opening act. Sheryl came out wearing cute flared khakis, a matching jacket, a blue tanktop, sunglasses, a cowboy hat, and cowboy boots. The crowd went crazy. Over the course of the performance, she took off the jacket, hat, and glasses. She opened with “If It Makes You Happy.” It made me very happy. She switched the words around a bit (instead of Marilyn’s shampoo, Marilyn’s hairspray) as she did in “Winding Road” when she claimed to be “living on coffee and Marlboro Lights” and in “All I Wanna Do” when she said “this ain’t no disco and it ain’t no country club either, and thank Bhudda it’s not LA.” I got a kick out of that. Her preformance of “A Change” was especially impressive. She and her guitarist jumped up and down during the beginning guitar portion. I had never heard “Run Baby Run” before I heard her play it on stage and I was just like WOW. I went home and listened to it on CD and it just wasn’t the same. As an encore, Sheryl did “Strong Enough” and brought out Wilco and Joan Osborne (surprise!) for a really cool version of “Money (That’s What I Want).” The truly amazing thing was that she did an entire hour and a half of singing without taking one sip of water. After the concert, I was an even bigger fan (if that’s possible) and I can’t wait to see her again!

[Audio] “Home” (Live, Acoustic, KBCO, 1997)

[Live Review] Kansas City, Missouri (USA) – 26 August 1997

August 26, 1997
Kansas City, Missouri

Review by Angie

Well the concert was great! Her opening acts were Micheal Penn, and Wilco. She opened up with “Can’t Cry Anymore.” Some of the other songs she sung was “The Na Na Song”, “All I Wanna Do”, “I Shall Believe”, “If It Makes You Happy”, “Everyday is a Winding Road”, “Home” (which is her new single), “Sweet Rosalyn”, “Hard to Make a Stand”, “A Change”, “Run Baby Run”. She sang a new song and she said that they hadn’t performed before live! She didn’t say the name of it but I think that the name is something like “Shackin'”. She did two encores. For the first one she sang an elvis song, “Strong Enough”, “Money (That’s What I Want.” For her second encore she sang a song with Wilco. The members of wilco had these crow masks on and they looked funny, well that was so funny!!! I guess you had to see it! Well my inpression of the concert was it was the best concert I have been to since she was last her in Kansas City!!!! SHERYL CROW ROCKS AND I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE HER AGAIN IN CONCERT!!

[Live Review] Rosemont, Illinois (USA) – 24 August 1997

August 24, 1997
Rosemont Theatre
Rosemont, Illinois

Review by Colin

Michael Penn and Wilco opened for her. She came onstage around 9pm. She was wearing black jeans and a black tank top, part of her new Tommy Hilfiger-designed concert wear. Smoke filled the stage and the lights projected cool designs all over the walls of the theatre when her preshow song started playing (“Factory Girl”) She sang the following songs:

    A Change Would Do You Good
    Sweet Rosalyn
    Run, Baby, Run
    If It Makes You Happy
    Can’t Cry Anymore
    Strong Enough
    New song: Don’t Make Me Wait Too Long
    Hard To Make A Stand (Slower version)
    Everyday Is A Winding Road
    All I Wanna Do
    The Na-Na Song
    I Shall Believe

First Encore (With Wilco):

    No Matter Where You Go
    Money(That’s What I Want)

Second Encore:

    Ordinary Morning

After “Run, Baby, Run” she had the band introduce themselves one at a time, and they were all embarassed and nervous. During the break in “Can’t Cry Anymore”, Sheryl started speaking freely she said “Cause you broke my heart And I bitched about it as long as I could. Then I said fuck it! I can’t cry anymore….” Really got the crowd going. During the new song she insisted the audience get up and “shake our asses”. She was really in terrific voice tonight, and during “Everyday Is A Winding Road” she finished the song with a heroic harmonica solo. During “All I Wanna Do” someone threw their shirt on the stage, and she said “I KNOW there’s a party goin on!” After “I Shall Believe” she made the audience yell and scream for her for a very long time…. but we were more than willing. And her final performance of “Ordinary Morning” was truly amazing. It was total about 90 mins, and an amazing concert. I can’t wait to see her again.

[Live Review] Rochester Hills, Michigan (USA) – 23 August 1997

August 23, 1997
Medowbrook Music Festival
Rochester Hills, Michigan

Review by Marnie

As I walked down the stairs to my seats at the concert, my body tingled in anticipation. Would The Great Sheryl Crow be able to out do her last concert I saw in February? I wasn’t sure, but by the end of the show, she had definately surpassed my expectations! In February, she surely put on a stupendous show, but the audience was pretty drab, barely on their feet, not even for the “Na-Na Song”. But not this time, I don’t think anyone was in their seats by the time she was done…. Opening with a crowd pleasing “A Change Would Do You Good” set the stage for a terriffic show. During “Can’t Cry Anymore”, the audience cheering and singing almost overpowered Sheryl herself! The opening act, WILCO, was not too arousing on it’s own, but when they trooped on stage toward the end of Ms. Crows fantastic show, the two did a duet of Badfingers “No Matter What” That was a total crowd pleaser. That was a feeble attempt of ending the concert, because the audience would not let her leave. After the first ovation, she invited the entire audience to join her on tour. The second ovation, “Money (That’s What I Want)” had the entire crowd on it’s feet again, and I’m sure more than a few people were willing to give her money! The third and final ovation, left the crowd pretty satisfied, but not me! I can’t wait for her to tour again! She is truely a great performer, she can captivate an audience and as I am listening to her version of Led Zepplin’s “D’yer Mak’er”, I am counting the days until she comes to concert again!

[Live Review] Holmdel, New Jersey (USA) – 17 August 1997

August 17, 1997
PNC Arts Center
Holmdel, New Jersey

Review by Rockinrob

Okay! This is a real Rock-n-Roll WOMAN! Sheryl, you are todays latest and Greatest! And then some! I must say Holmdel, NJ the PNC Arts Center was graced by this young lovely and everyone loved her. I swear if tomorrow when I pick up the local paper and they give Sheryl anything short of FANTASTIC! Then they are a bunch of no talent dummies…I mean there was not one little thing this girl and her group could not do! They funked, rocked, bluesed, and down right KICKED TOTAL BITCHIN’ ASS! This woman deserves all good things to happen to her. I have read and heard that she has had alot of bad times in her life. Well GOD bless her I say. She has paid her dues. I have been a musician for some twenty-two years or so both personal and semi-professional and let me just say that there hasn’t been a young woman of this calaber in a long, long time. She is just FANTASTIC. There isn’t really one woman I can think of that totally captures me both listening, looking, and in a sense feeling, without touching her. Musically she is a genius for Rock and Pop, her arrangements are so superb. All I can say is if Eric Clapton doesn’t keep this honey by him, he must be a fool. And I really don’t think he’s a fool. I’ve always loved him as a brilliant talent. I just know I would have married her about 1 millionth of a second after she got close to or with me. I LOVE this girl! Well I must say folks if you’ve got the time and got the money and really love a GREAT PERFORMANCE! Get your asses to the next Sheryl Crow concert wherever you are! Even if your a tightass from Walmart! Get loose and enjoy the show! Everybody gets high! Everybody gets low! Why don’t you stop to see HER SHOW! You’ve just got to GO! Sheryl Crow! YEAH! Rockinrob forever in love with Miss Crow wherever you are! I was just six feet away from you! For the best two hours of my musical life. Good bye my love! Keep Rockin…

[Live Review] Wantagh, New York, USA – 15 August 1997

August 15, 1997
Jones Beach Amphitheater
Wantagh, New York

Review by Amanda

Well let me start. I loved her so much. The atmosphere I had to adjust with because I like seeing Sheryl in a more smaller venue rather than a larger amphitheatre but it was a humid night and it was perfect because we were right by the ocean, and the breeze felt so good while i was dancing through the night. Michael Penn was really good. I enjoyed him alot. He was having alot of fun! He was just chilling and playing with his band….4 members, and it was so chill man. His set lasted about 40 minutes, and then Wilco came on. I really like their music but playing live wasn’t as good as i wanted it to be. Their first album “A.M.” is really good. They played about a 50 minute set. It was chill. Funny thing about the weather was that it was so humid out, and when Michael Penn was out he talked to us and said that it was really moist. MOIST..the audience said it and it was a really cute small highlight of the evening. The moon was beautiful, right by the water, and the clouds were so hazy and dense. It was nice. Here’s the set list:

    If It Makes You Happy – acoustic guitar
    Hard to Make a Stand – acoustic guitar
    Leaving Las Vegas – acoustic guitar
    A Change (Would Do You Good) – acoustic guitar
    Run Baby Run – voice
    Redemption Day – acoustic guitar
    Can’t Cry Anymore – tambourine
    Home- keyboards
    Everyday is a Winding Road – guitar and harmonica
    All I Wanna Do – electric guitar
    The Na-Na Song – tambourine and moraccas
    I Shall Believe – voice


    Strong Enough – accordion
    Ordinary Morning – keyboards
    Money (That’s What I Want) – harmonica

Some of the highlights…during the middle of Na-Na…..the power just went out. It was really strange. It was like the music and the whole world stopped….just for a few seconds…then sheryl quickly said…”Wow…was that god? it’s a sign man….It’s some kind of sign..” She wore a blue metalic vest with a tight white tank top… and her hair was down and frizzy. but phat frizzy . you know? She wore tight blue metallic pants. She looked beautiful. The band was dressed quite casually and comfortably. I guess. I hope they were comfortable!…The crowd was tight in the beggining. During the time of “Can’t Cry Anymore,” almost everyone stood up and danced, just chilled with the music. You can’t help to just groove with the music touching your mind. I was in total bliss. I noticed that the stage was right on the water and that you had to take a boat backstage…It was really something different to see. The show ended about 11:25 it started approx. 7:30…….She got rid of her big pink tourbus. Now it’s really nice. It is really big with blue streaks on the side…dark windows and white lines…the night was a beautiful, turning point in my life. I just realize that anything can happen for a given reason and that everyone is really cool, some more than others. I had a terrific night. I hope you all can have a chance to see sheryl and the band. peace.

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