[Live Review] Holmdel, New Jersey (USA) – 17 August 1997

August 17, 1997
PNC Arts Center
Holmdel, New Jersey

Review by Rockinrob

Okay! This is a real Rock-n-Roll WOMAN! Sheryl, you are todays latest and Greatest! And then some! I must say Holmdel, NJ the PNC Arts Center was graced by this young lovely and everyone loved her. I swear if tomorrow when I pick up the local paper and they give Sheryl anything short of FANTASTIC! Then they are a bunch of no talent dummies…I mean there was not one little thing this girl and her group could not do! They funked, rocked, bluesed, and down right KICKED TOTAL BITCHIN’ ASS! This woman deserves all good things to happen to her. I have read and heard that she has had alot of bad times in her life. Well GOD bless her I say. She has paid her dues. I have been a musician for some twenty-two years or so both personal and semi-professional and let me just say that there hasn’t been a young woman of this calaber in a long, long time. She is just FANTASTIC. There isn’t really one woman I can think of that totally captures me both listening, looking, and in a sense feeling, without touching her. Musically she is a genius for Rock and Pop, her arrangements are so superb. All I can say is if Eric Clapton doesn’t keep this honey by him, he must be a fool. And I really don’t think he’s a fool. I’ve always loved him as a brilliant talent. I just know I would have married her about 1 millionth of a second after she got close to or with me. I LOVE this girl! Well I must say folks if you’ve got the time and got the money and really love a GREAT PERFORMANCE! Get your asses to the next Sheryl Crow concert wherever you are! Even if your a tightass from Walmart! Get loose and enjoy the show! Everybody gets high! Everybody gets low! Why don’t you stop to see HER SHOW! You’ve just got to GO! Sheryl Crow! YEAH! Rockinrob forever in love with Miss Crow wherever you are! I was just six feet away from you! For the best two hours of my musical life. Good bye my love! Keep Rockin…

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