[Live Review] Rochester Hills, Michigan (USA) – 23 August 1997

August 23, 1997
Medowbrook Music Festival
Rochester Hills, Michigan

Review by Marnie

As I walked down the stairs to my seats at the concert, my body tingled in anticipation. Would The Great Sheryl Crow be able to out do her last concert I saw in February? I wasn’t sure, but by the end of the show, she had definately surpassed my expectations! In February, she surely put on a stupendous show, but the audience was pretty drab, barely on their feet, not even for the “Na-Na Song”. But not this time, I don’t think anyone was in their seats by the time she was done…. Opening with a crowd pleasing “A Change Would Do You Good” set the stage for a terriffic show. During “Can’t Cry Anymore”, the audience cheering and singing almost overpowered Sheryl herself! The opening act, WILCO, was not too arousing on it’s own, but when they trooped on stage toward the end of Ms. Crows fantastic show, the two did a duet of Badfingers “No Matter What” That was a total crowd pleaser. That was a feeble attempt of ending the concert, because the audience would not let her leave. After the first ovation, she invited the entire audience to join her on tour. The second ovation, “Money (That’s What I Want)” had the entire crowd on it’s feet again, and I’m sure more than a few people were willing to give her money! The third and final ovation, left the crowd pretty satisfied, but not me! I can’t wait for her to tour again! She is truely a great performer, she can captivate an audience and as I am listening to her version of Led Zepplin’s “D’yer Mak’er”, I am counting the days until she comes to concert again!

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