[Live Review] Rosemont, Illinois (USA) – 24 August 1997

August 24, 1997
Rosemont Theatre
Rosemont, Illinois

Review by Colin

Michael Penn and Wilco opened for her. She came onstage around 9pm. She was wearing black jeans and a black tank top, part of her new Tommy Hilfiger-designed concert wear. Smoke filled the stage and the lights projected cool designs all over the walls of the theatre when her preshow song started playing (“Factory Girl”) She sang the following songs:

    A Change Would Do You Good
    Sweet Rosalyn
    Run, Baby, Run
    If It Makes You Happy
    Can’t Cry Anymore
    Strong Enough
    New song: Don’t Make Me Wait Too Long
    Hard To Make A Stand (Slower version)
    Everyday Is A Winding Road
    All I Wanna Do
    The Na-Na Song
    I Shall Believe

First Encore (With Wilco):

    No Matter Where You Go
    Money(That’s What I Want)

Second Encore:

    Ordinary Morning

After “Run, Baby, Run” she had the band introduce themselves one at a time, and they were all embarassed and nervous. During the break in “Can’t Cry Anymore”, Sheryl started speaking freely she said “Cause you broke my heart And I bitched about it as long as I could. Then I said fuck it! I can’t cry anymore….” Really got the crowd going. During the new song she insisted the audience get up and “shake our asses”. She was really in terrific voice tonight, and during “Everyday Is A Winding Road” she finished the song with a heroic harmonica solo. During “All I Wanna Do” someone threw their shirt on the stage, and she said “I KNOW there’s a party goin on!” After “I Shall Believe” she made the audience yell and scream for her for a very long time…. but we were more than willing. And her final performance of “Ordinary Morning” was truly amazing. It was total about 90 mins, and an amazing concert. I can’t wait to see her again.

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