[Live Review] Seattle, Washington (USA) – 30 August 1997

 August 30, 1997
Bumbershoot Festival
Seattle, Washington

Review by Anonymous

Sheryl Crow is my favorite singer and I was so excited to see her in concert. I was in the front row waiting impatiently through Wilco’s opening act. Sheryl came out wearing cute flared khakis, a matching jacket, a blue tanktop, sunglasses, a cowboy hat, and cowboy boots. The crowd went crazy. Over the course of the performance, she took off the jacket, hat, and glasses. She opened with “If It Makes You Happy.” It made me very happy. She switched the words around a bit (instead of Marilyn’s shampoo, Marilyn’s hairspray) as she did in “Winding Road” when she claimed to be “living on coffee and Marlboro Lights” and in “All I Wanna Do” when she said “this ain’t no disco and it ain’t no country club either, and thank Bhudda it’s not LA.” I got a kick out of that. Her preformance of “A Change” was especially impressive. She and her guitarist jumped up and down during the beginning guitar portion. I had never heard “Run Baby Run” before I heard her play it on stage and I was just like WOW. I went home and listened to it on CD and it just wasn’t the same. As an encore, Sheryl did “Strong Enough” and brought out Wilco and Joan Osborne (surprise!) for a really cool version of “Money (That’s What I Want).” The truly amazing thing was that she did an entire hour and a half of singing without taking one sip of water. After the concert, I was an even bigger fan (if that’s possible) and I can’t wait to see her again!

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