[Live Review] Mesa, Arizona (USA) – 10 September 1997

September 10, 1997
Mesa Amphitheatre
Mesa, Arizona

Review by David

Sheryl was amazing on stage, she played from 7:11PM to 9:45PM (approx.), she came back to the stage twice. Being that it was 106 degrees (41c) she took her boots off after the first song (Can’t Cry Anymore) and said “Damm, it’s hot”. I was standing right behind the fence, so nobody was in front of me, which was awesome. She was so close, oh wow… Her band is really cool, there are 2 guitar players, 1 bass player, 1 keyboard player and 1 drumer. She played lots of different instruments, from Gibson electric guitars, to Fenders, acoustic Gibsons, etc. She also played the piano, harmonica and accordion. Two bands opened for her, the 1st one “Michael Penn” was awesome, really really cool. The second one was not that great (according to the audience), Wilco. Then she finally came on stage. Just great. Wonderful! She was wearing brown tight jeans and a blue shirt, her hair was the beautiful curly hair we are used to see. Here are the songs, not in order. Only the ones with * are in order:

    Can’t Cry Anymore.*
    Hard to Make a Stand.*
    Leaving Las Vegas*
    A Change
    Sweet Rosalyn
    If It Makes You Happy
    Redemption Day
    Everyday Is A Winding Road
    Run, Baby, Run
    Strong Enough
    The Na-Na Song
    All I Wanna Do
    I Shall Believe
    Ordinary Morning*

As you can see she put on a wonderful show, she also sang a song she “liked to sing but that had nothing to do with it” she said.

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