[Live Review] St. Louis, Missouri (USA) – 16 September 1997 (#2)

September 16, 1997
Fox Theater
St.Louis, Missouri

Review by Dennis

My wife and I also got the chance to see Sheryl Crow at the Fox Theatre on September 16, 1997 in St. Louis, MO (see also the review by Brian). We had 2nd row seats from the stage in the orchestra pit. It was really an excellent show. I swear, if my wife and I were to have hand picked the songs we wanted to hear, we would not have missed her actual set list by more than 1 or two songs. Among the many she included: If It Makes You Happy, A Change.., Everyday is a Winding Road, Sweet Rosalyn, Can’t Cry.., All I Wanna Do, and blistering versions of Home and Run Baby Run! The “hometown” crowd wanted to get up and dance from the start but unfortunately, the ushers kept making people in the classy Fox theatre sit down until Sheryl told everyone to get up and “shake your ass a little, St. Louis”…the usher’s were then outnumbered! As a Die hard fan of the Rolling Stones, I really enjoy Sheryl’s music and can hear their influence in all she does. It’s good to hear someone continue to carry the “torch” of real bluesy rock-n-roll and look forward to her next album and tour!

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