[Live Review] Raleigh, North Carolina (USA) – 24 September 1997

September 24, 1997
Walnut Creek Amphitheater
Raleigh, North Carolina

Review by Jason

From the opening chords of “A Change”, I knew it was going to be a special night. Sheryl was dressed in a bright green t-shirt, tight silver bell bottoms, and Adidas. She was very energetic tonight. Tight versions of “Rosalyn”, “Run Baby”, and “Vegas” followed. “If It Makes You Happy” was great, but then the show really got going. “Can’t Cry”, “Hard to Stand”, and “Winding Road”, complete with Sheryl on Harmonica, really rocked. “Maybe Angels” and “Home” were otherworldly. “All I Wanna Do” was pretty standard but “Na-Na” blew the roof off of the place. “I Shall Believe” was a fitting closer. The first encore was the typical “Strong Enough”, with Scout coming out onstage before it! Then the band broke into Elvis’ “Love Me” which was just beautiful. “Money” closed the encores. However, the band came BACK out and finished this night with a stellar “Ordinary Morning”. A night I won’t soon forget!! Can’t wait til next tour!!

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