[Concert] Intimate acoustic concert in Tokyo – 10 songs (1998)

November 1998.

Set List:

01. If It Makes You Happy
02. A Change
03. My Favorite Mistake
04. Riverwide
05. Leaving Las Vegas
06. Anything But Down
07. Strong Enough
08. Mississippi
09. Everyday Is A Winding Road
10. All I Wanna Do

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  1. Her voice is stunning. Ibloodylovesherylcrow

  2. Rare stuff. I like it 🙂

  3. this is quite amazing! I just found your channel. Thank you for all the hard work!

  4. xelaotiteb25

    What an amazing voice she has! love all Sheryl Crow music. it would be comes to perfection if somebody or I play the bass guitar with them. Thanks for the upload!

  5. This is what makes talent, a guitar a vioce a song, no hiding. Bravo!

    • So true — no “fix-it-in-the-mix” bs, no tech tricks, no retakes, no overdubbing.
      This is what separates the real musicians from the “stars.”

  6. I love how 3 dimensional her lyrics are. even for as critically acclaimed as she is, she is FAR underrated. thanks for posting this btw. she is so awesome.

  7. I was blown away by Sheryl Crow…so underrated indeed. The gal has TALENT and a very lovely voice. Now, I’m wanting to go see her LIVE myself. I never knew she could play BASS and HARMONICA.
    I will definitely be keeping my eye for her if she makes a trip to Texas.
    Oh, by the way, I downloaded this entire video to my HTC EVO so I can watch it over and over again..the acoustics are AWESOME!!
    Sheryl! Please COME TO TEXAS!!

  8. Riverwide is amazing on this concert…wow.

  9. my arms are getting tired from her making the hair on them stand up…fantastic.

  10. salvador molinas

    very very good…..

  11. salvador molinas

    que buenas canciones..

  12. Nice!!!

  13. Got it. The new band of Noel gallagher was the old members of Sheryl in the past.

  14. So beautiful

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