“In Need” (Studio)

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  1. Toque perfeito, harmonia maravilhosa,,letra linda, enfim, uma música espetacular

  2. It’s a crime this amazing song never made it onto a Sheryl Crow album. But the version I have (on an import single CD) is a tad different from this one. Is this the one from the “Hope Floats” soundtrack?

  3. she sets the mood like nobody can. She´s just awesome

  4. Just discovered I had this song (In Need) as it was on the Fave Mistake cd she released – my God its beautiful, love it, made me cry actually. Can’t believe i had it for years and never listened to it before – mistake, seriously. If anyone can recommend a good bluesy Sheryl Crow lp/cd pls let me know. Just love this, got it on repeat play as we speak. Thanks for posting x

  5. Sheer genius. Such dark beauty.

  6. シェリルクロウ好き!!

  7. beautiful song.

  8. good song

  9. beautiful song♥

  10. The B-side of “My favourite mistake” in France.
    Very good song.

  11. lovely song, heard it first time in ” Hope Floats “ !

  12. Christlovesanimals

    One of the sexiest songs I’ve ever heard.

  13. Love this song when I first heard it on Hope Floats some time ago.

  14. Nice Song!

  15. So glad to find this upload! I think it’s the only one – love this song.

  16. I love this song, I cant believe there is only 1 video! All of the others have Miley Cyrus in them, NO, NO, NO, GOD NOOO!

  17. ah jeeze..just an exquisite song..lost it in a move years back…was a b side, and for some strange reason, relatively unknown..this is my first time to hear it since my copy went!! thank you so much for posting 🙂 yay so happy!!!

  18. I love her melancholyc years … from Sheryl Crow to The Globe Sessions … The Book, On The Outside, Tomorrow Never Dies, It Don´t Hurt, Am I Getting Through, Crash and Burn, In Need … I would love to see a live version of The Book.

  19. petitemasochist

    I just adore this woman. Her creativity, authenticity and beautiful spirit will bring me joy for the rest of my life.

  20. I agree. The Book is the live version that I would love to see too. Do you know who wrote that book or the title? He sounds like he kissed and told.

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