[Live Review] Stockholm, Sweden – 2 February 1999

February 2, 1999
Stockholm, Sweden

Review by Daniel

After what seemed like forever, Sheryl Crow, was finally coming to my town. Since I missed out on her the last time she was here (in 1995 I think it was) I was really exited to say the least. The only bad thing was that none of my music interested friends could join me so I had to go alone.

I arrived at the venue about one and a half hour before they started to let people in. Surprisingly I was one of the first one there. If you have ever been in Stockholm, which I am sure not a lot of you people have been, It’s freezing in February. So I was standing there, in my loneliness, waiting for the Queen of Rock n’ Roll to start the show!

One hour later, when the guards opened the doors, I ran in to the floor where all the people that stand during the concert where going to be placed, and got the place right in front of the microphone. “I‘m only gonna be about 3 meters away from her“ I thought! Great!

A British guy, with a name that I cannot remember, started the show. He only had his guitar with him on stage but it was pretty lame. He played for about 50 minutes and after that the stage crew started to set up the stage. A sigh of excitement went through the crowd!

At about a quarter to nine Sheryl entered the stage. She was dressed in a pair of white tight jeans, black boots, a purple top with a dragon on it and purple, elbow long gloves. She looked very cute and I liked her new haircut. She said: “Hello Stockholm! (Applauses) This is our, well my, first gig for a year and a half (even more applauses) We have a lot of new songs so we’re gonna try them all on you tonight. Is that alright?” The crowd roared back “Yes!” The show was finally able to kickoff!

She opened the show with a song from the new album, “Maybe that’s something”. The guitar sound was good and Sheryls voice was right on pitch as always.

She continued to play songs from “The globe sessions” including songs like “Riverwide”, “It don’t hurt” and “The difficult kind”. She only played two songs from her first album, which were “Leaving Las Vegas” and “All I wanna do”. That was a little disappointing in my eyes.

There is one other thing that I can complain a little bit about and that is the communication with the audience. The only thing Sheryl said to us was “thank you”, if even that, after each song. She could do with some more talking with the audience. But other than this the show was perfect…

After about half an hour Sheryl performed “Am I getting through”. That was by far the best song of the evening. Especially “part II”. The crowd got all wild and me myself was in a heavenly state of mind. I will always remember that moment in all my life…

After one hour Sheryl said: “This is our last song of the evening, thank you!” Then she performed “Every day is a winding road” superbly. After the song the band walked off stage but only to come back 2 minutes later. They played 2 more songs and again left the stage leaving the audience hungry for more. 5 minutes later they were all back on stage again. “Mississippi” was the last song to be performed by the band.

The third, and last, finale was the best. Sheryl walked slowly out on the stage. She was all alone except for a violinist and a cello player. Sheryl sat down at the piano and slowly started to play something that I at first didn’t recognize. But after a few more tones from the piano I “got” it! It was “Home”! “Yes” – I thought to myself, since that song is one of my all time favorites. The performance was so beautiful. On the refrain the violinist and the cello player accompanied Sheryl and I got about a million Goosebumps.

Needless to say, I left the show more than satisfied…

Complete set list: (thanks to Andreas)

    Maybe That’s Something
    Leaving Las Vegas
    A Change
    Anything But Down
    It Don´t Hurt
    If It Makes You Happy
    My Favorite Mistake
    Am I Getting Through
    Redemption Day
    The Difficult Kind
    All I Wanna Do
    There Goes the Neighborhood
    Everyday is a Winding Road
    Strong Enough
    Members Only

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