[Live Review] Copenhagen, Denmark – 4 February 1999

February 4, 1999
Copenhagen, Denmark

Review by Mai

I left home early so I could stand in the front row (actually I wanted to sit on her lap, but she was standing up throughout the show, so…), but of course I went to far on the bus and so I didn’t reach the venue untill 10 minutes after they had opened the doors. So I ended up in the second row infront of Sheryl’s microphone.

Then about 8 o’clock, Roddy Frame came out on stage and played for about 45 minutes, and actually he was ok, but I couldn’t get all that exicted, ’cause I wasn’t there to see him. And finally around 9 Sheryl and the band went on stage.

As I recall she started out with a kind of in your face attitude with “Am I Getting Through”, and then she went from old to new songs. She didn’t speak alot, but once and a while she dropped a little comment to the audience. Then about halfway through the show, she played “All I Wanna Do” and the crowd went totally wild. Then in the middle of the song when she sang “all I wanna do is have a little fun before the sun comes up over Santa Monica Boulevard” Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky appeared on the big screen in the back of the stage and an even bigger roar went through the crowd. Then she kept people jumping with songs like “Everyday Is A Winding Road”. After about an hour and a half she left the stage the first time, and after a few minutes of intensive yelling, clapping and screaming, she came back and played 3 more songs among them: “Mississippi” and “Strong Enough”, singing: “are you strong enough to be my man”, she asked the guys in the audience: “Well are ya ? Then she left the stage again and after even more yelling and screaming she came back and performed “Home” beautifully with only the cellist, the violinist and Sheryl herself playing the piano. Then after a storm of applause and cheers she said “thank you, we appreciate it alot”, and then my two hours in paradise was over.

� It was a really great concert and she totally lived up to my expectations, I only have good things to say about her and her music. She is a great singer and I have all the respect in the world and great admiration for her.To everybody who likes Sheryl Crow: This is a show you don’t wanna miss.

� Now, I don’t remember the entire list of songs and in what order they came. But here are the ones I do remember: “Am I Getting Through(part 1 and 2), “It Don’t Hurt”, “The Difficult Kind”, “Riwerwide”( which sounded amazing with the cello and the violin), “My Favourite Mistake”, “There Goes The Neighbourhood”, “Leaving Las Vegas”, “Members Only”, “If It Makes You Happy”, Everyday Is A Winding Road”, “Mississippi”, “Strong Enough”, “Home and of course “All I Wanna Do”.� And she did play other songs but unfortunately I don’t remember which ones.

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