[Live Review] Milan, Italy – 8 February 1999

February 8, 1999
Rolling Stone
Milan, Italy

Review by Marco

The venue where she played was really small, I think there were only 1000-1200 people, but, in spite of it, the atmposphere was quite warm. In fact I thought that she was more famous here in Italy but apparently she wasn’t: during the days before the event I told to everyone I met: “hey man, I’m gonna go seeing Sheryl at work!!” and the answer has always been “Who??”. Bah, if you don’t know who Sheryl is you don’t deserve to know her (ehehehe). The opening was confided to a men duo: Roddy Freeman (?); well, I don’t know if they’re known in the U.S.A., here they’re not and I think they won’t ever be. Their style it’s just a copy & paste from old Billy Joel and Elton John style. Well, at 9.15 P.M. It was the turn of our girl, she went on stage and she started with “Maybe That’s Something” from her last release. She played almost all her new album. From “Tuesday Night Music Club” she took just “Leaving Las Vegas”, “Strong Enough” and “All I Wanna Do”. The selection from “Sheryl Crow” was: “A Change Would Do You Good,” “If It Makes You Happy,” “Everyday is a Winding Road,” “Sweet Rosalyn” and “Redemption Day”. I really loved them, what astonished me was the fact that she played and sang as easy as she breathe, she have such a large range of voice!!! A special mention must also be made for her band. Composed by 6 members, drummer, guitarist, keyboard, bass, violinist and contrabass. They gave us a full-bodied and clear sound which serviced at their best the voice of our beloved. Just two more things: while singing “Leaving Las Vegas” she put among the lyrics the following Italian words: “Voglio comprare una casa a Milano, trovare un fidanzato ed avere molti bambini” (I want to buy a house in Milan, find a lover and have many children), well, here we’re waiting !!!!! The last thing is that while singing “Everyday is a Winding Road” someone thrown a red rose on stage, she took it and she put it between her teeth as a flamenco dancer. She went on singing and the result was quite funny, all the word were distorted, she started laughing, as we did, and she made some mistakes. Needless to say, everyone split his sides laughing !!!!! It has been a very special concert, everyone seemed to have fun, especially Sheryl. What a good night !!!!

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