[Live Review] Tilburg, The Netherlands – 13 February 1999

February 13, 1999
Tilburg, The Netherlands

Review by Rob

The show started with support act Roddy Frane, of whom I think he created a good sphere before the real show could begin. Then at last the appearance of Sheryl and her band… The performance was terrific: Damned she’s good! Also the sound in 013 was excellent: approximate CD quality. She was tightly dressed and with her new haircut she looked very charming (as ever). Also my compliments for the band: Perfect! They also did a great job. Sheryl performed the same songs as mentioned in the other concert reviews (the performance of ‘The Difficult Kind’ caused me shivers) including the first encore with ‘Strong Enough’ and ‘Mississippi’ and the second encore with a tremendous ‘Home’ on a big piano, and ‘Every Day Is A Winding Road’ with a fantastic drive. Also the videoclips showed at a few songs (It Don’t Hurt, ‘All I Wanna Do’) were great and perfectly timed. It was the first time I saw Sheryl live on stage and it was the greatest show I’ve ever seen. I am looking forward to a new visit of her to The Netherlands. I’ll be there!

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