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[Live Review] Houston, Texas (USA) – 27 March 1999 (#1)

March 27, 1999
Bayou Place Theatre
Houston, Texas

Review by Paul

Well last night (3/27/99) Sheryl was here in downtown Houston. She was absolutely great!! Eagle Eye Cherry opened up and they were okay, but it was clear that everyone there was there to see Sheryl. It was about 9:15 pm Central when Sheryl and the band were supposed to open up but for some reason the curtain wouldn’t come up. So Sheryl walked around the curtain and started talking with the audience. Then she said they’d just start playing My Favorite Mistake, so she and her two guitarists came out in front of the curtain and started playing. But at the end she said something like “Can we get anybody to move this curtain? Let’s get this f**ker down!!!” That was hilarious. Anyway she performed a lot of new songs and some of her old too. I think the best was “A Change”. Also though she played “I Shall Believe” in which she got really wild, dancing on stage to the spectacular light show behind her. Unfortunately this was my first rock concert to ever go to (sorry just never have gone to one before) so I didn’t know about the encores. I left when it was over and probably missed some more songs. Songs I didn’t hear included Mississippi, Hard to Make a Stand, Strong Enough, and Home. Those might have been played on the encore; I don’t know. But all in all it was a great concert, and proved that Sheryl truly is the best rocker out there now! Truly worth the money.

[Live Review] New Orleans, Louisiana (USA) – 24 March 1999

March 24, 1999
Saenger Theatre
New Orleans, Louisiana

Review by Caroline

First of all, Sheryl kicked some serious ass! She was even better live. The concert was held in the Saenger Theatre and it was packed to the roof. Eagle Eye Cherry opened for her. The crowd was somewhat subdued until they heard “Save Tonight,” and realized Eagle Eye Cherry would be removing themselves from the stage. The concert started with “Maybe That’s Something” from The Globe Sessions and ended with “There Goes the Neighborhood.” She did three encores and I thought the house was going to come down. People stomped and clapped and screamed hoping for a rare four encore. Sheryl Crow played a hell of a concert and was piggy-backed off the stage by guitarist Tim Smith. I can’t wait for the next opportunity to see Sheryl rock the house. She actually played all my favorite songs. Which, of course, is all of them.

[Live Review] Starkville, Mississippi (USA) – 23 March 1999

March 23, 1999
Mississippi State University
Starkville, Mississippi

Review by Max

I was surprised to see only 3000-4000 people in the ‘Hump’ Colisseum – with Eagle Eye Cherry who saved the night it was a night I’ll never forget. Sheryl came on stage and performed the same program as in Nashville: playing almost all of her new songs, and some of her first two albums. I missed “Run Baby Run”, but forgot about that quickly when she came back on stage the first time: Mississippi, this song’s for you! It took the crowd a second to wake up from the ballad ‘strong enough’, and we busted out laughing when the guitar-player sat down bored playing the same chords: sheryl had forgotten her text (that’s the second time I saw her forgetting Bob Dylan’s nearly 2-page-long text: the first time was in front of the President!). The three screens in the background showed some interesting scenes: in “If it makes you happy”, a plastic-pope smiled turning slowly in front of a red-roses background; in “Crash and burn” Monica and Bill were presented as funny-looking cartoons who talk with highspeed (actually you could only see their jaws move up and down to “…all the politicians shake their a**es..”), and when Sheryl played ‘home’ on the piano (accompanied by a violin and a cello), the house where she was born was shown. What I didn’t like was that the whole program was planned: she said the same things she said a day before in Nashville (Leaving Las Vegas, see Natalie’s Report), the encores were planned, and Sheryl wouldn’t let the crowd sing alone in “If it makes you happy”. I didn’t like my voice the next mornign either: it was almost gone. A bigger crowd and friendlier security would have made the concert perfect. But at least a dream came true: I saw Sheryl Crow live. A reminder: Sheryl gives three encores: so don’t leave after the second like people in Nashville and Starkville and miss “Home”!

[Live Review] Nashville, Tennessee (USA) – 22 March 1999

March 22, 1999
Grand Ole Opry House
Nashville, Tennessee

Review by Natalie

The world has officially become a better place now with the start of “The Globe Sessions” tour. I thought that Sheryl was wonderful after the first two times I had seen her. But tonight was totally unbelievable!! It was greater than I had ever imagined. She sang almost all of the songs from the new cd. She did leave out “Members Only,” which I was really hoping to hear. However, she did make up for it by singing one of my favorites, “Crash and Burn.” During “Leaving Las Vegas” she said that this was usually the time where she asked the audience to take their clothes off and get to know each other. But since her parents were there, she decided against it. I really enjoyed “Am I Getting Through,” especially part II. That song simply rocked the place, probably not what the Grand Ole Opry is used to. Getting to see her sister Kathy perform with her on “The Difficult Kind” was a real treat. But the very best song of the night was the last song of the night – a song that many people missed because they left after the first two encores. “Home” was simply amazing – Sheryl on the piano accompanied by a violin and cello. By far the most beautiful performance I have ever heard. If you are seeing Sheryl on this tour, you will not be disappointed. The set list was as follows:

    Maybe That’s Something
    My Favorite Mistake
    Leaving Las Vegas
    A Change
    Anything But Down
    It Don’t Hurt
    If It Makes You Happy
    Am I Getting Through (part I & II)
    Crash and Burn
    Hard to Make a Stand
    Sweet Rosalyn
    All I Wanna Do
    There Goes the Neighborhood
    Strong Enough
    The Difficult Kind (w/ Kathy Crow)
    Everyday is a Winding Road

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