[Live Review] Nashville, Tennessee (USA) – 22 March 1999

March 22, 1999
Grand Ole Opry House
Nashville, Tennessee

Review by Natalie

The world has officially become a better place now with the start of “The Globe Sessions” tour. I thought that Sheryl was wonderful after the first two times I had seen her. But tonight was totally unbelievable!! It was greater than I had ever imagined. She sang almost all of the songs from the new cd. She did leave out “Members Only,” which I was really hoping to hear. However, she did make up for it by singing one of my favorites, “Crash and Burn.” During “Leaving Las Vegas” she said that this was usually the time where she asked the audience to take their clothes off and get to know each other. But since her parents were there, she decided against it. I really enjoyed “Am I Getting Through,” especially part II. That song simply rocked the place, probably not what the Grand Ole Opry is used to. Getting to see her sister Kathy perform with her on “The Difficult Kind” was a real treat. But the very best song of the night was the last song of the night – a song that many people missed because they left after the first two encores. “Home” was simply amazing – Sheryl on the piano accompanied by a violin and cello. By far the most beautiful performance I have ever heard. If you are seeing Sheryl on this tour, you will not be disappointed. The set list was as follows:

    Maybe That’s Something
    My Favorite Mistake
    Leaving Las Vegas
    A Change
    Anything But Down
    It Don’t Hurt
    If It Makes You Happy
    Am I Getting Through (part I & II)
    Crash and Burn
    Hard to Make a Stand
    Sweet Rosalyn
    All I Wanna Do
    There Goes the Neighborhood
    Strong Enough
    The Difficult Kind (w/ Kathy Crow)
    Everyday is a Winding Road

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