[Live Review] Starkville, Mississippi (USA) – 23 March 1999

March 23, 1999
Mississippi State University
Starkville, Mississippi

Review by Max

I was surprised to see only 3000-4000 people in the ‘Hump’ Colisseum – with Eagle Eye Cherry who saved the night it was a night I’ll never forget. Sheryl came on stage and performed the same program as in Nashville: playing almost all of her new songs, and some of her first two albums. I missed “Run Baby Run”, but forgot about that quickly when she came back on stage the first time: Mississippi, this song’s for you! It took the crowd a second to wake up from the ballad ‘strong enough’, and we busted out laughing when the guitar-player sat down bored playing the same chords: sheryl had forgotten her text (that’s the second time I saw her forgetting Bob Dylan’s nearly 2-page-long text: the first time was in front of the President!). The three screens in the background showed some interesting scenes: in “If it makes you happy”, a plastic-pope smiled turning slowly in front of a red-roses background; in “Crash and burn” Monica and Bill were presented as funny-looking cartoons who talk with highspeed (actually you could only see their jaws move up and down to “…all the politicians shake their a**es..”), and when Sheryl played ‘home’ on the piano (accompanied by a violin and a cello), the house where she was born was shown. What I didn’t like was that the whole program was planned: she said the same things she said a day before in Nashville (Leaving Las Vegas, see Natalie’s Report), the encores were planned, and Sheryl wouldn’t let the crowd sing alone in “If it makes you happy”. I didn’t like my voice the next mornign either: it was almost gone. A bigger crowd and friendlier security would have made the concert perfect. But at least a dream came true: I saw Sheryl Crow live. A reminder: Sheryl gives three encores: so don’t leave after the second like people in Nashville and Starkville and miss “Home”!

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