[Live Review] Houston, Texas (USA) – 27 March 1999 (#1)

March 27, 1999
Bayou Place Theatre
Houston, Texas

Review by Paul

Well last night (3/27/99) Sheryl was here in downtown Houston. She was absolutely great!! Eagle Eye Cherry opened up and they were okay, but it was clear that everyone there was there to see Sheryl. It was about 9:15 pm Central when Sheryl and the band were supposed to open up but for some reason the curtain wouldn’t come up. So Sheryl walked around the curtain and started talking with the audience. Then she said they’d just start playing My Favorite Mistake, so she and her two guitarists came out in front of the curtain and started playing. But at the end she said something like “Can we get anybody to move this curtain? Let’s get this f**ker down!!!” That was hilarious. Anyway she performed a lot of new songs and some of her old too. I think the best was “A Change”. Also though she played “I Shall Believe” in which she got really wild, dancing on stage to the spectacular light show behind her. Unfortunately this was my first rock concert to ever go to (sorry just never have gone to one before) so I didn’t know about the encores. I left when it was over and probably missed some more songs. Songs I didn’t hear included Mississippi, Hard to Make a Stand, Strong Enough, and Home. Those might have been played on the encore; I don’t know. But all in all it was a great concert, and proved that Sheryl truly is the best rocker out there now! Truly worth the money.

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