Eric Clapton & Sheryl Crow – “White Room” (Live from Central Park)

“White Room”
Central Park
New York City, New York, USA
14 September 1999

Eric Clapton – Vocals, electric guitar
Sheryl Crow – Vocals, electric guitar
Tim Smith – bass
Jim Bogios – Drums
Mike Rowe – keyboards
Peter Stroud – electric guitar

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  1. The drummer did an excellent job in providing his own interpretation to the Ginger Baker part.

  2. Great!

  3. This one made my night of music… Absolutely Fantastic…!!! Ty for your uploads…

  4. and see Clapton as they wrap up at 5.40; he gives a big nod and just says ‘Yess’…

  5. This has to be the best version of White Room ever. And Clapton is age 54 here!

    From the Sheryl Crow ‘Central Park’ album; a sleeper hit; growing and growing as people just love the energy and bite here. Something about the band, the production, the recording, the atmosphere Ms Crow creates – it just works, it just crackles with energy and joie de vivre.

    • I don’t know about ‘best’ version, but I agree that it’s exceptional because of all those things you mention. Ms Crow’s vocal part is more than just convincing, it’s brilliant (3:40-4:00). She’s obviously in her element with this number. I just melt at her reaction to EC’s kaleidoscopic break (4:48-4:52). How good it is when a sizzling hot band (keyboards and drums are fantastic here) do justice to a classic in the company of one of the composers.

  6. Great version! Thanks for the upload! *****

  7. Not bad for my Sunday Morning Surf Session……a Gross understatement to be sure.

  8. EarnMoneyFast1

    you can always tell when claptons in contral of the guitar ^^

  9. SuckOutKing8806

    sheryl crow looks like a dike… shes pretty outside this performance

  10. luciferrules

    whats the name of this exceptional drummer? Not many drummers can copy Ginger Baker…

    • His name is Jim Bogios, former drummer for Sheryl Crow (1996-2002), and currently drummer for the Counting Crows.

  11. GaryLeventhal

    Sheryl Crow is so Gorgeous, And great musician. Cant decide which is the greater….

  12. rocknrollgirl91

    amazing *_* who’s the keyboard player?

    • Mike Rowe, a british keyboardist and bassist. He played with Sheryl from 1996 to 2010. Now he’s with the “High Flying Birds” (Noel Gallagher).

  13. Sheryl totally nailed the choruses.

  14. While this is a good version, the best documented performance of White Room is, and always will be, the one from the 1968 farewell DVD…( IMHO anyway)..the power in that performance is unreal…and Jack Bruce owns it like a boss.

  15. this not when he was giving her one ??

  16. incredible, sad I missed out on this concert

  17. Wicked solo by Eric in this. One of the best versions. Along with the version from 24 nights

  18. MegaFireAndWater

    OMG !!! Mike Rowe is possessed !!!

  19. BEST SOLO!

  20. blacklightlabel7

    the keyboardist and drummer are either really angry or having crack-attacks

  21. thumbs up for the pianist.5:22

  22. if angels exist – sheryl is one – who came down to our blue planet – ….let´s enjoy life –
    because LIVE IS SHORT COWS…..out of 100 anos de soledad….

  23. Here’s proof that allowing these songs on YouTube works. Heard this song. Went over to Amazon to buy the album. Awesome!

  24. The guy is amazing. I love the way that Clapton gives him the head nod.
    Getting the head nod from Clapton says that you have made it.

  25. He must like crows. Ah bad joke time.

  26. Fabio Ranieri trm

    bella questa versione amore mio

  27. well,i was down and out and this has raised me to the clouds, thank you for upload! anyone who plays with Clapton gives a stunning performance!!

  28. Favorite Version Of White Room Ever! Props To Jim Bogios and The whole Sheryl Crow Band!! Well Done!!

  29. I saw the Cream farewell show in Dallas, but this version is much better..

  30. 2:20 Wrong lyrics there, Sheryl. Still, good performance of the song. When did Crow have her hair short? She looks really cute this way.

  31. I was there, reluctantly, because I knew nothing about Sheryl Crow & for a portion of the show it was raining. I was stone cold sober and had no idea that all these stars were showing up. I won the tickets outside Virgin Records (they were giving them away really, but you had to play some kinda game to get like 4 tix). In any case when Clapton broke into this you had to be there. I thought I was high and floating above the crowd. Sheryl was an unbelievable band leader that night. Much respect!

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