Sheryl Crow – “Sweet Child O’Mine” (Live, Rock in Rio) with Lorenza Ponce

Rock in Rio
Rock City
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
20 January 2001

– Band –

Sheryl Crow (vocals, guitars)
Peter Stroud (guitars; bg vocals)
Tim Smith (bass; guitars)
Mike Rowe (keyboards)
Jim Bogios (drums)
Lorenza Ponce (violin; guitar)
Matthew Brubeck (cello)

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  1. 4:05 AXL is back! yeah!
    Great version! Great cover!

  2. happy bday to my baby girl peyton – sweet child of mine

  3. boogersqueak

    When I heard Sheryl sing this, I knew it was THE song for my blued eyed blondie baby boy. He has the most amazing blue eyes, hair that lights up under the sun and the biggest and cheekiest grin.

  4. BrazilianLucci

    Brazil Here \o/

  5. Шерил конечно великолепна)

  6. Axl Rose sucks, Sheryl did it better.

  7. She rocks ! nice version….
    love it…

  8. ficou bom. ela transformou a musica no estilo dela. Pelo menos nao tentou forçar nada..

  9. Angel Maldonado

    In this Rock in Rio probably Axl sucked because the new Guns N’ Roses’s line-up performed six days before this Sheryl Crow’s performance (a very good arrangement to country music which is one of the best covers ever heard ), and we know how Axl’s voice sounded that night…
    But, come one!, Axl was (for moments stills) such a great performer. 🙂

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