Sheryl Crow & Tony Bennett – “Good Morning Heartache” (Live)

New York City, october 2001

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  1. What a couple of American legends! Love it!

  2. Wish to forget you…but you are here to! love the lyrics!

  3. B4 911?

  4. thanx !!!

  5. slowmotionbossanova


  6. XtheXphantomXoperaX

    I love their voices together, it is just so beautiful!

  7. Hi Sheryl! You two sound really good togather.I wish I could sing one with You some day.(Somewhere Over The Rainbow Experience). The song is very nice in a hurting sort od way.I got boped in a hit and run the day after 9/11. It’s hard to get past it when it is with me every day. Always On Your Side(Love that song too) Your in My heart and Prayers. Love Dan

  8. Amazing performance. On the street! Great artists.

  9. Soooo good together , the man Tony has been magic for 50 years or more.

  10. good morning heartache… though we send good bye last night… wised id forget you

  11. Marvelous!!!

  12. gremmiehodad

    Anyone have the Sheryl version from the “Storm Weather” AT&T Tribute CD?! I misplaced mine!

  13. Wonderful!!!

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