[Studio] “Long Gone Lonesome Blues” (Hank Williams cover)


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  1. So beautiful! Thanks!:)

  2. Mighty Fine Mighty Fine, and we’ll be right back after this message from Martha White Flour

  3. I’m 82 years old, I remember when this song was first aired on the radio in 1950. Sheryl Crow did a fine job on the old Hank song.

    • jeffthefishdotcom

      I wish I knew someone like you. I’d buy you a beer and ask you tell me everything you remember about those days.

  4. bluegrassmaniac

    great cover, indeed.

  5. Great song. She nailed it.

  6. Theres not many people in the entire world that could hit on the head like she did.. Sheryl, you win my heart on this one! 🙂

  7. Das So Nice! Takes Me way back.You sing this so nice. Just terrific Nymph! If Sheryl gets this comment Nifty! Some old time Yodeling by terrific girl now days.Won Americas got talent. Fun to watch Judges! Tayler Ware-terrific yodeling. LvU Nymph!

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