Willie Nelson & Sheryl Crow – Live in Los Angeles for Crossroads (FULL CONCERT)

Sony Pictures Studios
Los Angeles, California (USA)
12 February 2002

1) Jackson
2) Abilene
3) City of New Orleans
4) Let It Be Me
5) Easy to Love You
6) You Remain
7) Crazy
8) Everyday is a Winding Road

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  1. …happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. “Go comb your hair”

  3. Thank you so much . I have never heard the song , let it be me , sung so beautifully !

  4. Sheryl Crow and Willie Nelson are awesome!!!

  5. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. marcello fattorini

    favoloso RE del COUNTRY

  7. prairie wanderer

    Back before CMT turned into MTV. 

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