Sheryl Crow – Live in Montreal – 2002-06-02 (Full Concert, 9 songs)

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
2 June 2002


01. Everyday Is A Winding Road
02. Steve McQueen
03. C’mon C’mon
04. You’re An Original
05. If It Makes You Happy
06. A Change Would Do You Good
07. The Difficult Kind
08. Soak Up The Sun
09. There Goes The Neighborhood

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  1. Thank you CrowVideoTV2 for this amazing upload! I love Sheryl, she looks so gorgeous.

  2. June 7, 2012 — Bless you, Sheryl Crow. I hope you are not in any pain, as I just learned of your benign brain tumor. I’ve been your fan since ‘Tuesday Night Music Club’, when some people said you were a “one hit wonder”. NO WAY! You ROCK!! I love you. 🙂

  3. Sounded like a great concert ! Wish I could ‘a ben there!!

  4. michaelsubramaniam

    Sheryl Crow’s music is really great! Sad that she has a brain tumor, however she beat cancer before and she can do it again.

  5. Excellent!!!


  7. I like the sound. Raw, quality. Thank you for uploading this one!!!

  8. She’s hot here! Nice voice!

  9. SO NICE


    shes gorgeous

  11. Erwin Schriefer

    so nice and so cool….

  12. She’s a fucking rockstar

  13. Andros Babheira

    She’s nice on concert

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