Sheryl Crow – “The Difficult Kind” – “Home” – “Weather Channel” (Live, 2002)

“The Difficult” Kind” – “Home” – “Weather Channel”
Nippon Budokan Hall
Tokyo, Japan
24 October 2002

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  1. this almost makes me cry.

  2. I dont think Sheryl has ever sounded better. Wow. She snagged Stevie Rays keyboard player…. love the way they get around. YouTube is the best thing thats ever happened! Thank You!

  3. Fantastic harmonies from Tim Smith

  4. Great version of her best song….. 3rd verse missing, but great.

  5. This song gives me chill bumps and it’s not just the lyrics but a hell of a score.

  6. The song is great. One of the better versions on YouTube. If not the best. 🙂
    Thanks for uploading!

  7. Home is just one of thoes songs that goes in my personal top 20.

  8. Love this Woman she Rocks!!

  9. It gives me the creeps

  10. A masterpiece. (Difficult Kind) I would also like to mention that the song River Wide is Pure Genius. And Ms Crow has made my life brighter by just being her.

  11. Wow! Ilove this set! Difficult kind is my fav,the others are great. The first time I have heard the weather channel. Nice guitar and voice!

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