Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow – “Picture” (Flameworthy)

Flameworthy 2003
Gaylord Entertainment Center
Nashville, Tennessee (USA)
April 7th, 2003

640×480 – 44.1 khz – stereo – 30 mb

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  1. ErinLovesHedley

    Sheryl Crowe is so good live!!

  2. these two are awesome together. I’ve always loved this song.

  3. DiJaKrisProductions

    3:40 my favorite part of the song, i like the whole song though done get me wrong.

  4. Headbangerneng

    hell yeah! I love Jim Beam

  5. lovely

  6. great song :)) 5* and a bottle of jim beam black 😀

  7. Jim Beam and Sheryl Crow…. yesssss!

  8. sheryll crow is the most beautiful women on the planet

  9. these tow are great together

  10. their voices are so great just as good live as in studio

  11. shreyl crow didnt like the solo hahaha….!!

  12. A few skanks cheer a little louder after he sings “a different girl every night at the hotel”. Haha.

  13. Cheryal.crow she such a good singer

  14. Sounds so good. I love it

  15. Could Sheryl Crow be more beautiful or have a better voice???

  16. that bitch took his american badassness!! *_*

  17. I totaly agree, Kidd Rock and Sheryl Crow…. FANTASTIC COMBINATION.

  18. Starting at 3:38 is the best part.

  19. damn this is the best song and artist who’d sing this song.

  20. fantastic duet!

  21. so cool!


  23. Sheryl Crow kicks ass! I hope I look half as good as she does at her age!

  24. just love it…… really loveeeeee it !!

  25. i love this calloboration…i love them both this songs has ,is, and always will be one of my favs!!!!

  26. Like this very well Incredible singers !!

  27. he says if i’ll NEver change my ways in this video

  28. Damn y’all done a fine ass job!!!

  29. KHouesProductions32

    3:40 where kid rocks steals the show so every one from Detroit Michigan can hear him! I was made in Detroit ROCK ON KID

  30. and when she says him she is talking about me

  31. robertpierce0703

    very nice song!

  32. Love this song! Sheryl is lookin damn sexy lol

  33. twinkletoes554

    One of my favs by them, lv it

  34. johnny cash shirt never looked so good

  35. One Canadian and One Northern Boy, both Rock, TY Cheryl and Kid we love it!

    • Well, actually Sheryl Crow is not Canadian. She was born in Kennett, a small town in Southern Missouri. Anyway she currently lives in Tennessee 🙂

  36. Awesome (my life completely)

  37. I wonder what the hell Sheryl takes to keep looking this hot. She was over 40 here. She sure as hell don’t look like most 40 year old women.

  38. bakinginheat9201

    Thumbs up if you think Kid Rock tapped that after the show

  39. blackwidow9988

    I loved how he changed the lyrics with jim bean black haha, i love these two together

  40. I Luv hearing these 2 on such a depressingly Beautiful song,Thank You.

  41. i wonder if she SHAVED

  42. No disrespect but, George and Tammy, welcome Kid and Sheryl.

  43. this is dolly parton and kenny rogers version 2k and my redneck geenes love it

  44. Evelyn Kirbach

    I have loved this song forever – crank it up always – but never seen video – awesome!!!

  45. allAmericancowgirls

    I want her shirt….

  46. Sheryl Crow is sooo hot.
    Ageless beauty

  47. whenlambbecomeslion

    i been fillin up on cocaine and wiskey> then I made her butt clap

  48. Best duets ever…

  49. Love this one (over & over). Check out Roseanne Cash & Bruce Springsteen on ‘sea of Heartbreak’

  50. vraiment un beau couple en chanson… wonderful song…!!! God please Bless all army guys that I know…!!! for you guys…!!! God protect you all…!!!

  51. Marilee Breeding

    love it

  52. great song and performance but cmon all, its a total kenny and dolly copy, especially the walk in

  53. One of the best duets ever!

  54. Beautiful song

  55. Beautiful Heartfelt Song!!!

  56. One great song from the girl from Kennett, Missouri and a boy from Detroit. It just made for a great combination.

  57. what year was this performance? thanks you

  58. Great tune, seems to be the only one couples do at karaoke as a sidenote lol

  59. listen carefully, the song is NOT about cheating on each other, it’s about a couple playing head games with one another. Nonetheless, a good tune

  60. These two ROCK together!!!!!

  61. sheryl has some great hair

  62. I love this song. Sheryl sing it really well. She sounds Great!

  63. Sheryl is so Versatile with all Genres from Carter Family “no depression in heaven” on Anthology 1 of American Bluegrass, duets with Stevie Nicks, EMMYLOU, Kid Rock, much more. Latest band is 3rd brand new and TOTAL MEMPHIS R&B FUNK, GREAT PLAYERS, love it all, JEFF TROTT COLLABORATIONS, BEST WOULD be part time gig as a Rolling Stone, on stage half the time. Boys MUST B BOYS

  64. I always loved to hear this song.It’s one of my favorites.Thanks for sharing!

  65. AWESOME!!!! thanks for posting.

  66. love it ! Super Song and Super Singers ! ((:: Thanks for posting

  67. TwilightBunny656

    No Canned muzac here.. muscisians doing what they do.. make music..

  68. How many songs,.. can strike the Hearts of so many?…
    More Please….

  69. Sheryl crow is fantastic! Kid Rock is a stringy haired punk who is only good for bitch slappin’.

  70. Is she not wearing a bra?….AGAIN!

  71. these two are amazing together!

  72. Sheryl Crow / Delicious

  73. cheryl crow is hot and I love here voice, Kid Rock, though cool, has the worse fucking voice of all time. what a wanta be!!

  74. All I can say, and I have loved this song for a long time, is that Cheryl puts herself into every song she sings, How can we ask more than that?

  75. Reminds me of George and Tammy.

  76. rangerscripsAyrshire

    Love it

  77. I love this song. Tells both sides from a gut wrenching of both sides.

  78. Bloody hell, I didn’t know Sheryl could look so sexy and so… woman!
    And Kid.. yeah he surely should wear his hat all the time 😉 haha

  79. I don’t like either of these artists but together this is great.

  80. Damn I wish I was there !!

  81. Love it, love it, love it…..

  82. Love AND Hate this song! Cry everytime I listen to it;( Sadly this song brings back SOOOO much pain, emotional heartbreak and a flood off BAD memories from a lost life and love.UGH! Stupid me, knew when I pulled it up from my old playlist It was a BAD idea!!!! and yes I’ve had to put the pictures away:(

  83. This song hits me and my ex to a tee and I am so glad I am over that stupid shit and so much happier now and glad I got rid of those pictures and closed that chapter of my life

  84. I want to get in Cheryl’s leather britches.

  85. carlysgrandma1994

    always good together

  86. Would love to be her wardrobe assistant to get her into those pants! She’s packin

  87. Boy can freakin sing, then you add Sheryl Crow, get the f*&% out, untouchable duo!!!!

  88. Sheryl looks absolutely stunning!

  89. Lovin ,Lovin ,Lovin this song!!!Born to be a classic

  90. Pardon my French but “Fu*kin A”…what a performance.

  91. ya…. DITTO*** absolutely awsomeeee performance. >>> you can feel the chemistry

  92. Angela Patrinos

    Kidd Rock and Sheryl Crow are so beautiful together. I’m so wanting them to get together!

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