Sheryl Crow – C’Mon America 2003 – Full Concert

C’Mon America 2003
Fraze Pavilion
Kettering, Dayton, Ohio (USA)
July 2003

Set List

01. Steve McQueen
02. There Goes the Neighborhood
03. Riverwide
04. My favorite mistake
05. The first cut is the deepest
06. Strong enough
07. Redemption day
08. If it makes you happy
09. Home
10. A Change would do you good
11. Weather channel
12. All I wanna do
13. Leaving las Vegas
14. Everyday is a winding road
15. Soak up the sun
16. You’re an original
17. Let’s get free
18. Safe and sound
19. I Shall believe
20. Rock and Roll

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  1. brillant concert


  3. Kimberly Chandler

    your beautiful !!

  4. Recorded live at Fraze Pavilion in Kettering, Ohio July 10th & 11th 2003 to support the 2004 election. I wish I could have become a fan of hers when I was younger so that I could’ve gone to see this concert!! This concert is awesome & a must-see for any Sheryl Crow fan!!! GREAT JOB SHERYL CROW!!!!

    • you’re very informed Ms. GleeGirl 🙂 and yes, awesome concert, and awesome crowd, too!

      • Most definitely!!!! I also wish it could have been filmed at Wolf Trap in Vienna before the 2004 election so I could have seen this concert while it was being filmed!! Oh well..Maybe someday she’ll film a concert DVD in DC.

  5. wooooooooooowwww lov it

  6. Juan-Pablo Cardenas

    Love it!

  7. any editor who does more than 3 cuts in 10 seconds should have his hands cut off

  8. love a chick with a wide mouth — Julia Roberts Carly Simon Ms. Crow

  9. Amazing Concert!!!

  10. Deservedly so!

  11. She’s hot!

  12. i love it!!!! great concert!

  13. I listen to this at least once a week Sheryl is awesome

  14. Awe_Some !

  15. Liuserose Aying

    .always dreaming of watching your concert,Ms. Crow!.. =)

  16. Saw her in Central Park for FREE in 1999. Some BS marketing for AMERICAN EXPRESS BLUE but her guests were Chrissie Hynde, Keith Richards, Sarah McLachlan, Stevie Nicks, Dixie Chicks & Eric Clapton. ‘White Room’ blew everyone’s mind. Goose bumps. What a band leader she was! Rock solid professional. I guess that show became a CD. Who knew? We sat in a light rain w/amex provided ponchos and all the girls were crying and everything, singing all the lyrics to Sarah McLachlan’s song. Amazing.

    • Apollo Cobain

      Is this the performance of White Room that you saw? LkXjLA9Y48w (YT won’t put the full link in). Sheryl is a solid musician with a great voice but to me the kicker is exactly what you said — the way she leads the band. It is so low key and that understated, easy-going confidence just takes the whole thing to another level. Absolutely love this 2003 show btw

      • She is beautiful as well, for sure, but I think under rated as a musician and band leader. As if she is just a pop songstress. She’s a pretty cool chick.

  17. I just had to watch this again.

  18. Claudiu Cont

    I always loved Sheryl Crow ‘s music, thanks for upload , great music !..

  19. Maria Varela

    segunda vez que veo el concierto hoy…con esto lo digo todo

  20. She is beautiful as well, for sure, but I think under rated as a musician and band leader. As if she is just a pop songstress. She’s a pretty cool chick.

  21. Apollo Cobain

    Soak Up the Sun 1:14:22

  22. She is perfect.:))

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