“Redemption Day” (Live, 2003)

C’Mon C’Mon tour. Kettering, Ohio, July 2003.

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  1. I love it. Thanks for posting this 🙂

  2. this song is by sheryl crow (1995). johnny cash only covered it

  3. Prefer Cash by a long shot! but this is also good 🙂

  4. I like 😀

  5. Can someone please write tabs to this song? D= I can only find the 1st fret capo versions but I’ve been trying to tab this one which she has a capo on the

  6. Sheryl Crow<3

  7. How can people not like this? This is Sheryl Crow’s song. She wrote it FOR Johnny Cash. It was one of his last songs he sang.

    • Actually, it was written for her 2nd album (self-titled). He asked her if he could record it for an album of his later. However, this was originally recorded in 1996 for her own album.

      • had no idea she wrote this, wow, i mean wow! she definately had a connection with his style. thanks for letting me know. I would have thought he wrote it! Again wow!

    • @xRockerx39x Hi,

      to be honest she wrote this song in 1996, after a USO trip to entertain troops in Bosnia. Anyway, according to the producer Rick Rubin, RD was the favourite song of Johnny. “That’s the one Johnny brought in and loved,” Rubin reveals. “He said he’d give up all the other songs just to be able to do that one – it was his favourite, content-wise.” (hotpress.com, feb 2010).


  8. this song should have wayyy more views!

  9. She’s a good looking girl, nice ass, it’s a shame she has no tits.

  10. Maquiladora83

    There’s something inherently sexy about a woman holding a guitar

  11. thanks for the info about redemption day –wow
    where was it recorded?

  12. @metalheadgod1 same here.

    Some facts: Redemption Day was the last number that Sheryl wrote for her second album. Sheryl sat down in front at her computer after returning from Bosnia and wrote it in just 8 minutes. She recorded it in L.A. during the last week of April 1996.

  13. like Johnny Cash but I much prefer Sheryl Crow singing it.

  14. THis song is amazing!!!

  15. It’s good, but…I still think Cash’s version is betta.

  16. sheryl, you rock the world that spins my boat

  17. Her finest tune…IMHO…and done so sweetly this night.

  18. Just added this to my favorites. Long time overdue!

  19. Sheryl Crow<3

  20. pepitopetrez


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