Sheryl Crow – “Light In Your Eyes” (Macy’s 4th July 2004)

Macy’s July 4th
Brooklyn Bridge
New York City, New York, USA
4 July 2004

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  1. cool performance! thanks aleks.

  2. this is Great!….

  3. jseph1234567890

    A quick question: Was the video edited at 3:05….On the studio recording she does the chorus twice before the Vamp…just curious..and the drummer is cool too!

  4. What happened at 1:10, she gave a weird look?

  5. AiMiNg4Th3sTaRs

    The guitar guy is so sick…..

  6. Great message in this song!!!!! Great job Sheryl Crow!!!!

  7. I always thank my sweet Lord for all the pure beautiful light I see in ALL your eyes! Thank you for posting and blessed be 😃

  8. My fave from her!

  9. punkqueentheresa

    Sheryl Crow is amazing!

  10. This is my fave from sheryl

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