[Live] Chances Are (2005)

Wildflower Tour. October 31th, 2005. New York City.

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  1. One of my favorite SC songs. What a gem. Can’t believe more people haven’t discovered this. Thanks for posting.

  2. PanzerSiddhartha

    Terence McKenna said….
    Sweet. I did not know that Sheryl was in-the-know.

  3. wow… this is AMAZING. would loved to have witnessed this live.

  4. Sheryl Crow – beatuiful,poetic songs…….
    Merci/Thankyou, Penny

  5. quite a production with the orchestra and everything… those things are so subtle to the music but they make a huge difference

    • I agree Luzerntomorrow,a well orchestrated string section can really lift a song, give it another dimension. I love this song.

  6. I adore her…

  7. Incredible performance…

  8. Thank you for this post! This song is brilliant I don’t know why it’s not more popular. I guess people just don’t get it. Sheryl {{{rocks}}}!!

  9. Amazing sound, amazing performance and she as well as her band has awesome tallent 🙂

  10. OMG… I love this song, and this performance it’s just flawless and absolutely beautiful.

  11. So enchanting!

  12. Wonderful!!

  13. coooool!!!!!!

  14. Linda musica . ela é maravilhosa

  15. Maybe my favorite song.

  16. this is from what I truly think is her best album, Wildflowers, which got panned, but she was dealing with a lot at the time and to me she really delved deep into herself and they truly reflect in the brilliance of these songs.

  17. Sheryl Crow is an amazingly gifted artist with a sensitivity and depth of perception. She is a treasure for anyone who is blessed to hear what she says with her heart and soul through her music.

  18. Algunos humillos me rodearon mientras oía esta hermosa canción y se intensificó el mensaje…beautiful song indeed!!!

  19. cowboysevilla21

    one of the best riffs ever in a song =) Sheryl rocks as usual

  20. Hallo toedit100 Mir gehts genau so. Einfach wunderschön…..

  21. It’s really hard to sing live and remember your words. I love her music, but she was supposed to say “It all comes down to creating time” in the first few lines and “The cosmo sits on the tip of a pin” near the last part. Great song though.

  22. She’s the best, I love her very much
    She’s the queen of 90’s Rock!

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