[Live] “Tomorrow Never Dies” (London, 2005)

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  1. thanks for the video. I thought that she never played this song in a concert

    • I didn’t either. It’s amazing how she sounds just as good live as the studio-recorded version.


    great Performance and video Thanks !!!

  3. incredible…thanks!!!!

  4. Roleenepierre890


  5. Great Voice ! Best Bond Theme Ever .

  6. Daaaaaaaaaaaamn. That is good.

  7. Was the worst Bond theme until Another Way To Die

  8. great performance!

  9. She’s Strong Enough !

  10. Sheryl– Wow! Maybe it was worth it all.. I waited by accident through eight hours at a rock concert to see you come out at 9;00 pm.. I only stayed fifteen minutes. I was exhausted and had to work the 5:00am shift. I got home 2:00 am.. You did a great job with this — Bless all your family and work.. Daniel

  11. My godness, sheryl’s amazing!!!!!!!!!! s2

  12. she gives me goose pimples…super voice,better and stronger than most of todays female vocalist’s…i’m looking your way gaga

  13. I like her alot! I didn’t care for the lyrics– My friend the Communist? Where’d that come from?
    I’m sure it was to create a stir.. She’s done a tremendous amount of high quality great performances which should stand the test of time. I hope her family and private life well.. God Bless the Crows.. Daniel

  14. “Martinis, guns and girls” I like that one, really three words to describe bond 🙂

  15. A definite top five, and to me personally, the best songs ever to accompany one of the best bond movie intros ever. I think to me, Bond will always be the “Peirce Brosnan” version……

  16. To all out there. I wholeheartedly agree. Best theme song. One of the best Bond movies. Can not go wrong with Michelle Yeoh as a bond WOMAN. Also, has a woman ever been on the opening Kill Shot except for Ms. Crow?

  17. my x from kentucy sorta looks like Kid rock. but i just love this song

  18. This is the only live version of this song? 😦

    • There are some other vids around, but they were recorded with old cell phones, so the quality is really, really bad 🙂

      No professional live video recordings exists, which means we have just a bunch of bootleg footage shot by fans! Better than nothing though 🙂

  19. Is she really singing or is it lip-sync.

  20. Roleenepierre890

    The live version is more in a higher key than the original version..Listen to it guys.. SHE’s just AWESOME!

  21. best 007 theme ever! best singer ever!

  22. Classic footage of a rare performance. Sheryl is great!

  23. Niels Christiansen

    One of the worst Bond songs ever – borring like hell. Nothing compared to for instance GoldenEye. Like Crow though. This movie is bad too but listen to KD Langs Surrender – now that is GREAT music.

  24. Wow, can’t get enough of this! She’s fierce.

  25. compare the tone variations and the PFF PFF that sometimes happens when they sing close enough to the mic. not lip sync at all

  26. Always stood out amongst the Bond themes. This is a great song and she rocks it here.

  27. dimitriosmichael

    great artist. no crap. hot woman too.

  28. i love her voice ❤ awesome!

  29. I wish I could “like” this video a couple of hundred times. Thanks for posting it.


  31. amen amen amen i’d like to see adele even come close to this… skyfall only serves to make me think of how good sheryl crow was with TND…

  32. until i DIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE !!! ooohhhh yesssss!! better than studio version!!

  33. spikey constantine

    Sexy voice!

  34. DAMN…. i never thought that her voice is that sharp … she sings with a 15 years old girl tune (voice material) but the technique of a long mega star singer. very interesting and impressive Sheryl.

  35. Second best to goldfinger but fantastic performance by Sheryl. She is so underrated!

  36. spikey constantine

    Sexy voice!

  37. Me encanta este tema, y me encanta Sheryl Crow…

  38. pawanu chaisuvirat

    i just falling for sheryl great singing

  39. Sheryl Crowe and K.D Lang both had great songs for that movie.

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