Sheryl Crow & Robin Williams – “Everyday is a Winding Road” Acoustic Party Jam

Robin Williams performs a spontaneous “Academy rap” with Sheryl Crow at the 2006 Banquet of the Golden Plate.

Academy of Achievement
45th Annual International Achievement Summit
2006 Banquet of the Golden Plate.
Los Angeles, California
3 June 2006

Sally Field, U.S. Education Secretary Margaret Spellings and Sheryl Crow at the 2006 Summit.

Academy honoree Sheryl Crow and Summit Host Steven Spielberg.

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  1. WOW awesome job sure love your music Sheryl!

  2. superb performances…..sheryl and robin!!!!


    I would fuck her brains out.

  4. This is so funny-get U R totos in order!Robin Williams da nod goes to John Travolta & Uma Thurman-Chuck Berry wasn’t to bad either!U’d A had chance Ifn sheryl woulda put down da guitar and boogied witU.Now that woulda ben nifty!!Don’t let Her say She can’t-Sheryl does with Wyatt & Levi.Sheryl U shoulda showed off!Jus teasin-that was a lot of fun-but I’d still like to C U Boogie! Love & Prayers Y’all Daniel

  5. TheSegacampGamer

    lol Robin Williams always made me Laugh he always has been I 1st saw him!

  6. He managed to make me laugh

  7. “I’m gonna have Robin Williams write my next record.” LOL

  8. New tv show coming…Mork and Sheryl!

  9. Must be the weirdest combo ever.
    Hunter S. Thompson said it best, “When the going gets tough, the weird turn pro.”

  10. Robin Williams is a classic! A classic genius! Sheryl Crowe also a class act! She seems to take everyday as a gift! Been through so much and she just keeps the gift of life/talent a remaining gift! Love them both!

  11. the guy in the audience at 2:40 has a question for Sheryl,
    “Sheryl,Sheryl,oh oh Sheryl, i got a question Sheryl,ohh ohh!”

  12. Gibson acoustics all the way…

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