“Love Is Free” (Live, Home for the Holidays, 2007)

Home for the Holidays, 2007. HD720P

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  1. Great Happy Song !!!!

  2. is love really free??/ i don’t think so

  3. good sexy stuff

  4. Hi! I really don”t think Love is ever free,sometimes it costs more than a person wants to pay. I don’t know what You think about prayer? For a lot of people it is really ruf to find out that Jeaus is not Tinker Bell. He won’t take a majic wond and fix everything on someones orders and He is really big on put offs. His answers will cost You something! Hang in there, I still hope the best is yet to come.Always on Your side. Lots of love. Dan

  5. bluegreenmantour0910

    nice song from sheryl… nicely put by dan.

  6. a new classic for Sheryl as far as I’m concerned!!

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