Sheryl Crow Live @ “Sunday Night Live” (great show! 55 minutes of songs and Q&A)

Sunday Night Live with Ben Jones
55 minutes
 Virgin Radio Studios
London, England, United Kingdom
Sunday, 17 February 2008


“Everyday is a Winding Road”;
“Shine Over Babylon”;
“If It Makes You Happy”;
“Strong Enough”;
“Love is Free”

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  1. Good show. Lots of good fun, sounds British! Thanks for uploading!

  2. princesslavigne5

    really good, thank you!

  3. This song is my favorite borrow none.. I can remember listening to this with a molten bucket of steel in a Ladle crane.. There were balconies out on the side of the cab. Some five- six stories up in the air.. You would complete a process open the cab and look out for a second.

    They were great times.. Daniel

  4. Outside of her singing, Sheryl seems detached, maybe like she would like to be somewhere else.

  5. robinswaggerboy99

    iamusing this because igotta learn 4 55 min and i dont have a clock

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