“Gasoline / Gimme Shelter” (Live, 2008, NYC)

March 2008, New York City. HD720P

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  1. brilliant…..what a great song and segway into GS !! she is so superb!!!!!!!!

  2. As music fans we should all be grateful that Sheryl Crow chose to write songs in the tradition of Dylan and The Stones.

  3. Sheryl has clearly gone on to a VERY good place! She and her music is kicking ass. Great anthem in Gasoline/Gimme S. polyploid.

  4. wanna cum on her tummy

  5. Who ever came up with the idea of mixing these songs… Genius!!!


  7. wow…what a performance!

  8. Great performance!

  9. I can’t express how much I love her and her music!

  10. It doesn’t get any better than this. It doesn’t even get as good as this. Love it.

  11. oldfriendofmine

    Brought the house down.

  12. WOW JUST WOW!!!!!!!!

  13. My my, I think my heart just jumped a little bit there

  14. what fuel does sheryl use when she flies on tour? red beans have a hard time getting lift for jets! thank god for Texas-black gold-and pretty girls who can sing

  15. Hi ! I felt on this video cause I’ve recorded “Gimme Shelter”, and I know that I’ve watched a video where she was singing it with Mick Jagger. But this one is cool too, it makes me knowing her more. Cool video. BYE !

  16. These are two great songs and the way she integrates one into the other and back is flawless. She is REALLY rockin’ out here and sounds great, muscially this kicks a** and is just one of the greatest versions of this I’ve ever seen or heard. I mean she’s making her point about 2 really big issues both vocally and physically. Love it and gotta love her!

  17. juanpazongochulo


  18. excellent!

  19. Great Performance!

  20. 始終都是傳統的rock n roll好聽 *********

  21. This song is so cool !!! Sheryl managed to put together a great band and made a great song…

  22. We’ll be free…

  23. Telling like It Is As always…Well Done

  24. Is it me… or is Sheryl getting even better? I thought that was impossible: Kindest Regards: EV Texas

  25. the backing singers are very cute

  26. using the google translator, here in Brazil. fell in love!!

  27. Too cluttered. There needs to be at least 5 less people on stage!

  28. Sheryl Never goes Out of style. This Is def. Vintage Sheryl. Like A Fine Wine Just Gets Better with Age !!!………………….. ROCK ON GIRL YOOOOWWWWWWW

  29. do you want to tell that to the Arcade Fire, or even orchestras? The bigger the sound, the better.

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  31. Music is getting pretty good there!! Sherly!!

  32. Does anyone realized that the guitarist and drummer are now playing with Noel Gallagher?

    • Yes, Tim Smith and Jeremy Stacey. They played with Sheryl Crow for years. You forgot Mike Rowe (keyboard) though 🙂

  33. Muy buen tema !!!

  34. ozzmosis sabbath

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