[Live] Sheryl Crow & Willie Nelson – “Today I Started Lovin’ You Again” (2010)

Another sweet duet by Sheryl Crow and Willie Nelson.

The 33rd Annual Kennedy Center Honors
Washington D.C. – USA
December 7th, 2010

P.S. : and no, it’s not Charlton Heston, it’s Merle Haggard (ciao avvoca’ 🙂



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  1. what a nice duo . in front of all the icons of the show business.. i enjoyed it very much. Thanks & a happy New Year 2011.

  2. very nice duet! Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

  3. Willie STILL has it! Amazing performance and an amazing duet! An original outlaw paying respect to another original outlaw! Brings tears to my eyes! Johnny would have loved this!

  4. love sheryl crow !!! amazing performance!

  5. Wonder if Willie was baked?

  6. Sheryl Crow is hot! I’d do her anytime!

  7. Matthew Wilkinsox

    is that Charlton fucking Heston? I mean the old man with hat.

  8. Jeez louise what was wrong with Merle???! Was he just emotional or is he sick I’m some way. Great song

  9. ohiodixiechick2

    How Sweet It Is!
    Wow, does Cheryl sounf like Loretta! Great job Willie & Cheryl!

  10. no one started loving the jackass that disliked this video,

  11. Willie is WAY more of a Texan than Rick Perry is.

  12. I absolutely adore willie. When he teams up with Sheryl its pure magic. Willie please come down to Australia !!! if not I’m trying to save to get to the U.S just to fly over to see you on stage.My dream will come true !

  13. Packed with heavyweights, Mel couldn’t stop singing.

  14. GREAT SONG !

  15. amazing! Lovely to see Merle in the crowd!

  16. Great song

  17. Reckon I’d sell my soul for Willies guitar, beautiful.


  19. happy birthday merle 76 on this day i posted 6,4,2013. so glad we still have you. i could just hug the life out you. in a manly way. you are the best. many more birthdays to come, icons never die. x

  20. Dejan Krstanovic

    HAG was surely satisfied with such great performance

  21. monica herman

    the hagg, is the best

  22. The Hag approves! Now lets get the tears out of my eyes and return to the break room! lol

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