[HD] “I Want You Back” (The Motown Sound: In Performance at the White House)

White House, Washington DC
February 24th, 2011

HD 720p

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  1. she got me again. great.!!

  2. Amazing.

  3. That’s my girl!!

  4. Yeah. I don’t care if she’s 49 or that she had cancer. Sheryl is yummy!

  5. Non vorrei essere offensivo per la signora Crow, ma mi sono appena masturbato:)

  6. montananumber16

    wow she never sounded or looked better. great performance.  go sheryl!

  7. Ya, nice shoes again, Very Sexy woman!!!

  8. great performance but i think if her and amber rylie switched songs..they would have been even better

  9. MrJacksonvill

    Sheryl Crow gave her Best..not an easy song to sing because MJ was hitting some crazy notes at the age 10 when he recorded it..it shows you how crafted that song was.

  10. awesome

  11. Mr President take a go and dance come on i see it in your eyes

  12. Obama, looks like a rythemless white guy here!

  13. :O i have never herd Sheryl Crow sing and she sounded a lot like MJ back in those days …it was kinda freaky lol

  14. Sheryl toured with Michael as a backup singer for the Bad Tour. Greg Phillinganes (keyboard) and Ricky Lawson (drums) toured with Michael for the Bad and Dangerous Tour. Bashiri Johnson was percussionist for This Is It. Must have been nice for the band to play these songs again.

  15. Sheryl toured with Michael as a backup singer for the Bad Tour. Greg Phillinganes (keyboard) and Ricky Lawson (drums) toured with Michael for the Bad and Dangerous Tour. Bashiri Johnson was percussionist for This Is It. Must have been nice for the band to play these songs again.

  16. great! unbelievable… she can sing like that… nice sheryl crow!!

  17. desertgrrrl76

    damn…she sounds just like young michael!

  18. Wow Sheryl! This is a hard song to sing and you pulled it off!! Amazing!!
    Incredible band behind her too!

  19. cloudsurfer73

    Jamie Foxx. The man does everything, man. If I was a celebrity, the first celebrity I’d make friends with is him and Natasha Beddingfield. Get a little of what they’re drinking:)

  20. This lady is 49 and she looks the same as she did back in the 90’s. Good Lord!! I’m shocked how she singing this. She sounds good.

  21. This Crow is a hot #!

  22. Why didn’t they have a real bass player????
    This is one of the happiest basslines ever made!!!


  24. Sheryl is hot. The band is hot. The background vocalists are awesome. Enough said.

  25. hot hot Lady ! Love Her Live Videos !….

  26. Wow.. singing with George Washington back….amazingly…Wow

  27. Wow. I always liked sheryll a bit but I still didn’t expect this song to suit her so well.

  28. boy can she really hit it!!!

  29. Well done, Sheryl! A difficult song, lots of high notes, performed under a lot of pressure! Wow!

  30. Awesome

  31. …that’s my ringtone.

  32. Dang. Sheryl is a pro. Chick did it up.

  33. Wow… I didn’t know she could go that high…

  34. my god. she was totally channeling Michael. it brought tears to my eyes, i can’t believe he’s gone.

  35. Wow……..Brought tears to my eyes too…thought I was the only one till I read the comments which I don’t usually do.

  36. good way to win money: play this song on the jukebox and then bet people that it ISN’T michael

  37. really glad to see sheryl’s still got it.
    Didn’t think she’d do such a straight cover, woulda liked to have heard a bit more of her in the cover.

  38. Wow! Michael lives!

  39. Marry me!

  40. TheSerafim1989

    omg….so beautiful love her….and you have right! LIKE

  41. I love her!

  42. MrFunnyBoy100100

    0:48, Barrack Obama is enjoying!

  43. 1970 hit.

  44. YouAreNotFree1

    Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

  45. Love Sheryl… but, still voting for Romney!!! Amazing performance!!!

  46. christa spence

    wasnt she a backup singer for michael or somethin

  47. headlesssoldier


  48. Wonderful, Beautiful, and Talented!
    never fails

  49. When I first heard this in her studio version it was so close to Jackson 5 sound i was amazed. She has been to me and proves to be just about the most talented female singer / songwriter of all time.

  50. Sheryl’s hella pro, would expect nothing less

  51. sherly got rythm

  52. Great music… but not the best crowd. Probably for a musician this is an important geek to have in your bio, but not one that you have fun with…


    we certainly do not want Nobama back!

  54. oh baby all I need is one more chance……

  55. Im just blown away by this performance in two ways. It makes me miss when I was a kid, as was MJ, but I’m also blown away by how Sheryl Crow, at least to my ear, is nearly perfect in her execution of the song and also perfectly executing the sound of Jackson’s voice in the early 1970’s. WOW!

  56. 2:32 she nail it!! is thats a5?

  57. Amazing! Sound sim 2 young MJ

  58. I amazing how she still looks so beautiful after all these years. I mean the bad era seems like ages ago.

  59. Great!

  60. 0:10 “…sung by former Michel Jackson backup singer…”

  61. She does a really good cover, but oh- it makes me miss Michael so much every time I hear one, as no matter who it is, if it isn’t him, it’s just not enough.

  62. Little Big Town’s cover of this song brought me here. Sheryl does an awesome job,this is such an awesome song!

  63. jaidajadewilliams

    She kinda sounds like Michael

  64. If i close my eyes micheal is there!!!!!

  65. Amazing. All these years, Michael was just lip-sinking Sheryl Crowe.

  66. This really made me smile! Go Sheryl!

  67. Archibald HADDOCK

    Do you think the show would be so great if G.W. Bush was on the Barack’s sit ?

  68. got to give her props she nailed it. rip michael

  69. This is very good but everybody should check out the Victoria Justice cover of this song. In my opinion its even better than this.

    • i just watched Victoria’s cover but i also watched her live performance, watch?v=KBRFOrAvHcY , she’s good but i enjoyed sheryl’s performance more, the voice and the feel of the song suited sheryl crow better. Sheryl Crow nailed the song…

  70. Pretty darn good, yep.

  71. Courtney Lakey

    so good. 🙂

  72. ILuvMusic4real

    Cute and she’s cute too.

  73. TheNotoriouSVJ

    Wow Sheryl! Fabulous!! Werq it girl- SVJ

  74. Rusty Costello

    great rendition of an old classic…keep em coming todd and kellie…..rusty

  75. Tatiane De Matos


  76. See is hot and has a shaved cat…..

  77. Wow go ahead sheryl. Here is a women that has aged gracefully in the industry. Has got to be pushing 50 by now, no plastic surgery, botox, boob jobs and cookie-cutter looks, just natural and beautiful, and a beautiful soul too.

  78. we should do shit like this is Britain

  79. I love Sheryl Crow. She is a wonderful performer & a beautiful soul. Seeing her singing & my brother Ricky Lawson playing drums, Greg on keyboard makes me proud, so proud of them. Ricky has gone on to the big concert in heaven but he is remembered every day by his family & friends. Love ya, Love ya, Love ya always ❤❤❤ Your sister Regina

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