[HD] “You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me” with Smokey Robinson (The Motown Sound: In Performance at the White House)

White House, Washington D.C.
February 24th, 2011


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  1. Great Performance!! Thanks for posting.

  2. Soo Nice.

  3. Tighter. Tighter

  4. Wow, like them shoes!!!! Very Sexy

  5. i did not think i would like it but i like how thet bland and miss sheryl’s voice is soft. 🙂

  6. Was it ‘just my imagination’ – or was Smokey getting too close?

  7. Love This Lady !

  8. what a sweet and lovely duet! <3

  9. Smokey Robinson is a POET!!!!!!!!! Unlike the “songwriters” today

  10. good stuff

  11. i really love this video
    thanks for uploading

  12. Got to give it to Sheryl,when your good whit Smokey Robinson and whit Willy Nelson well enough said.

  13. sukimalooki30

    Not a big huge fan of Sheryl Crow but she did a really beautiful job on this song.

  14. Feel so alone and cold without my husband. 😥 this is the song I’m dedicating to him. I love you W.C.

  15. Sheryl Crow never fails to surprise me!!! Smokey Robinson… amazing!!!

  16. Ohhh! This is amazing!!!

  17. Love it

  18. ahhhhhhhh, I can die happy now

  19. Viriato Ferreira


  20. sassy rodrigues

    smokey’s loving him some Sheryl crow lol

  21. goose bumps

  22. Girlonadolphin Palmiers

    just amazing… simply amazing

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