Live Chat with Sheryl Crow [19 May 2011]

Boise, Idaho (USA)

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  1. I’m rediscovering Sheryl after buying her first cd in 93. Looking forward to seeing her live for the first time in Charleston SC in August – 2nd row center!

  2. I missed her this time but caught her in..05? I think in Boise ID for her “Wildflower” tour at The Idaho Center in Nampa Idaho.

  3. spacebound1805

    Great interview! Hope to see you live in Germany, would be so cool.

  4. Sheryl, can I smell your feet?

    • Sheryl has such beautiful feet. I can only say, I’m aroused by the thought of cumming her natural, sexy feet. OMG

      • @999flanker Me too! I also want to smell and lick her feet when they’re sweaty, and then rub my cock on them and cum all over them!

  5. 999 & Jmswlks: you guys are nuts – LOL – good interview though…

  6. Daniel L. Phillips

    Sheryl… Just clicking around.. Wow I missed this video– I still love your really early video in the glass box at a Musuem.. Do you remember where it was? I use to frequent NYC and go to the empire state building for lunch, a hop to the American Museum of Natural History then back home by train from Madison to Phila.. Once a year was terrific.. Daniel

  7. Daniel L. Phillips

    Ps– I still listen to you at work on night shift.. I work for a Home Improvement store.. I got your voice memorized.. I know right away even with bad hearing it’s you.. God Bless always..Daniel

  8. Merle Stevens

    i like your songs &singing, keep up the great work GOD BLESS you

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